Problems syncronizing folders

I ma a new user of SmartFTP so I don't understand a lot of the concepts yet. I have a folder on an FTP site that I am trying to synchronize with a folder on our server. I drop the folder on the FTP site into the transfer que and then set the properties to copy and overwrite older files on our server. Then I run it and it seems to work, except it always ends with some operations retrying over and over. When I look closely at these copy operations it appears they are failing because the path to the files is wrong so it can't find the files. The paths for the source and for the destination are both wrong. They appear to be trying to get files from the wrong folders and placing them in the wrong folders. On my last attempt it left about 10 files shwing as having problems. What am I doing wrong?


Gary H. Lucas

Please post the log of the failed items. Double click the item in the Transfer Queue to get the log.