No Close box on Remote browser

We've searched the Toolbar settings, but cannot locate a way to control the close box (X) on the Remote Browser window. Don't know what we did to cause it to not appear.



In the MDI tab bar there is a small x right next to the name of the Remote Browser.

[	 x ]



| Remote Browser 




Hi Mat,
In previous installations, the RH side of the remote browser had a left carat, right carat, down carat (to select which open site) and a small X to close the selected site. In this installation, the small X is not present. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your response, but I think that the close box is not being drawn. Is there a way to activiate it? I've never seen this before, as a default installation has always had full features.

What does MDI stand for?

Thanks for the reply,


Please post a screenshot.