Slow FTp Upload Transfer Speed

I'm watching this problem since a while but as my hoster has now a better Routing to Germany it got much more weird.

When I connect with Smartftp to my server and uplaod a file, transfer rate maxes out at 72Kbyte/s constant.
When I upload a file at the same time on the command line i get a transfer rate of 300kbyte/sec +

This result is repeatable for my servers wiht one difference. At Server 1 maximum transfer speed of SmartFTP is 72-84kb/s (simultanous testing over the command line ftp is 300kb/s +) On my other server SmartFTP reaches 48kb/sec at the max, while command line ftp is about 250kb/s

When I upload the files with the queue, speed maxes out at the same speed (72-84kb/s) per connection. Combined(when i upload 20 files parallel) i get my full 10 MBit/s (uplink speed of my VDSL) but I can't get a single file fast to my providers with Smart FTP.

I alrady set the perfomance values to bigger values but without result.

Any idease?


Ok, I found the solution, I set the performance values very high


with these values i get the full transfer speed to my servers.
Maybe you should update the exlanation on the performance Option Page from 100 MBit/s as this kept me from entering much higher numbers. with setting like 16384... and so there was no significant speed change.

With the standard values i had transfer rates of about 1/4 th what was possible. To my fastest Germany server where I had upload speeds of 200-250kbytes/second at the max I have no 1,2 Mbytes/s which is the full bandwith of my 10 Mbit line.