Remote Edit => locked...

I'm using version v2.5.1006 (registered).

Always uses (heavely) Remote Edit function with UltraEdit as the editor.
As from today : when remote editing a file, the editor opens, and after a couple of seconds, SmartFTP goes up to a 100 % CPU usage, and thus, blocks completly.
Manual upping = same thing : Smart blocks.

I changed UltraEdit for PSPad : same thing happend.

I tried the SmartFTP Beta version : same threatment.

The only thing I changed in my PC was : installing .NET Frameworks - could that be related ?
The other thing : I use SmartFTP for nearly two years now with the 'free' contract : I registerd as of 4 aug. 2007.... THAT can be related neither ??! (PM for reg details if needed)
[edit] Stupid me, it's in the left side bar :-)
What's up ?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Edit (again) : I did change something else : my router !
And it had this marvelous thing activated : UPnP !
I did de activate uPnP in SmartFTP : no help.
I blew it away in my router - I'm all happy again
Consider this as 'closed' : you guys aren't responsable for this item. UPnP is and rests crappy.
I'll keep my post for references ...