Editing SmartFTP Menus

We are deploying SmartFTP via Citrix and due to security concerns we want to remove several of the menu items from the SmartFTP client we have purchased. It's our standard practice to use a tool such as Resource Hacker to modify program menus to remove items that would pose possible security issues (e.g the help menu). Due to the Authenticode signature SmartFTP uses any modification to the SmartFTP.exe file changes the hash and SmartFTP then refuses to work. Are there any options available to me? If possible I would prefer to have a version of SmartFTP that will allow me in some form or fashion to remove several of the menu items.

Whoops! Nevermind! A little experimenting with the toolbars and I found that I can remove menu items directly from within the client itself.

I am still having issue editing the toolbars. I am able to edit toolbars unless a "remote browser" or "local browser" window is open. When I try to drag menu items off the toolbar when using customize it does not work. As I stated previously we need to be able to remove several options to "lock down" the interface so that customers using this application when published via Citrix will not be able to navigate outside of their allowed functionality. We either need to be able to edit these toolbars from within the application, or we need a version of SmartFTP that is not signed via authenticode so that we can use a resource editing tool to manually remove the menu items we desire to be disallowed.

Close the Remote and Local browsers and edit the main toolbar.


I tried that, and you can edit the main menu bar when the browsers are closed. However edited menu only shows up when the browsers are closed - upon opening a browser the changes disappear. Closing the browser shows the edited menu again.

Hello ...

The latest version allows you to customize all three main menus:
- If no mdi window (local or remote browser is open)
- If a local browser is selected
- If a remote browser is selected

You need to customize all three menus.


Can you tell me which version supports this? I am running the latest non-beta build you have available (2.5.1006.12) and it doesn't allow me to edit the menu when I have local and/or remote browsers open.

SmartFTP is throwing the following error even though I have a proper license installed:

[13:08:56] SmartFTP v2.5.1006.14
[13:08:56] sfFTPLib is not licensed. Reinstall the software to fix the problem.
[13:08:56] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)..

Re-installing the app does not fix the issue. I checked the cert on the executable and it's reporting it's fine. I used the installed via the link you provided and I am unable to get it to work. Can you please assist?

You should be aware that your site references a .crt that does not exist (http://www.instantssl.com/code-signing/ ... ing_ca.crt) - you get a 404 from the web site when you attempt to download the cert. Deleting the "Safer" registry key under "Trusted Publishers" did the trick.

I have updated the article. Thank you for pointing it out.