Download Hidden Files


I have a directory with a lot of files, so the directory is truncated by default by the server. Previously, I've had the server configuration changed so that I could view all the files; however, we have had to moved to a new server and I've not asked to have this done again.

I know the file names I want to download and so I am wondering if there is some way I could tell SmartFTP the file I wanted to download.

I used the following custom command:

RETR %d/%a[t] c:\Users\Justin\Desktop\

And that did what I wanted to ... almost. It renamed the file, which isn't what I want to do. Of course, this isn't a big deal. I want to know if there is a way I can tell SmartFTP a file I want to download, and then it ask me where to store it (%ld sounds like what I want at the end, but it doesn't give me a directory listing) with the original file name.


Hello ..

RETR [file] [local folder] doesn't rename the file per se. However if your remote file name contains characters which are not supported on the Windows file sub system they will automatically be replaced with an underscore. For example your file cannot contain characters as *?:\/<>|"

The %lf and %ld functions are broken right now. We will provide a fix in the next build.


Great, thanks!

For some reason I thought that I had do get the directory/file, so that's what was screwing up the filename. Thanks for the heads up with the %ld.

I've used SmartFTP for years now, and I'm very happy with your product.