Stuck In Queue & File corruption

This has never happened before when I was using the old version. It happened when I updated to the previous version and also the current version.
When I queue my files for uploading, it gets stuck.


And after I stop the queue and start again, then it will resume and upload normally.
After that, the files will be corrupted. Although the filesize and datestamp is the same, the contents of the file I've uploaded is corrupted.

Hello ...

Unfortunately with the information you have provided it's impossible for us to reproduce the problem. There are many reasons for your problem, one of them is a bug in our software.
- What exactly is stuck? The whole transfer Queue or just the 4 items?
- What does the log of each item say?
- What version are you using? Menu: Help->About "System Information"

Try to lower the number of concurrent workers. I'm not sure why you are using 96 workers beside for testing purpose.


Hello ...

Actually the values are just the opposite. The first value (96 in your case) specifies the number of concurrent workers or connections. The 2nd value specifies the maximum speed per worker. I would recommend you to exchange the values. Set the number of workers to 2 and the max upload speed to 96 KB/s.


The settings does confused me.
I think I set the concurrent workers too high and that may cause the corruption.
I'll try swapping the values and see if it happens again.