Slow FTP upload speed

I bought a license key this morning, but my post to premium support doesn't appear. This is my third post. I've updated my member profile to include my registration ID. (It would have been nice if this had been done automatically when I bought the license, or if entering this information into my profile to access premium support had been included in instructions).

Anyway, here's my question:

My FTP upload speed to my SiteGround FTP site is very slow - averaging 13-15 kbps over a broadband (cable) connection. Speed tests with various servers indicate upload speeds of 140-653 kbps. I have tweaked the WindowsXP registry as recommended (no impact) and the file transfer buffer sizes in SmartFTP as recommended (marginal impact). It seems to me the speed should be 5-10 times faster. What else can I do?


Hello ..

Your posts have been moved becaues you didn't put the license key id into your profile.

Try to upload your files with another FTP client to see if it's faster. Speed issues are usually not related to the FTP client.