LoadLicenseKeyData return false

i use the dll in vb6 nmake this script :

Public Sub InitClass(Optional HostName As String, Optional User As String, Optional PassWord As String)

'Early Binding "Mid Level"
'Note: The compiler may use the dual interface
Set objFtp = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionMTA")
Set objGlobal = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.Global")

If objGlobal.LoadLicenseKeyData(GetConfFile()) Then
If HostName <> "" Then
objFtp.Host = HostName
End If
If User <> "" Then
objFtp.Username = User
End If

If PassWord <> "" Then
objFtp.PassWord = PassWord
End If

objFtp.Protocol = ftpProtocolNormal
objFtp.Port = 21
objFtp.Passive = True
objFtp.LogFile = "Sessione- " & HostName & ".log"
MsgBox ("Licenza di SmartFTP scaduta aggiornare la licenza")
End If
End Sub

Public Function GetConfFile() As String

Dim iFreeFile As Integer
Dim tmpsRigaLetta As String
Dim sRigaLetta As String

iFreeFile = FreeFile
Open App.Path & "/SmartFTP%20Client%20License%20Key.txt" For Input As #iFreeFile
While Not EOF(iFreeFile)
Line Input #iFreeFile, tmpsRigaLetta
sRigaLetta = sRigaLetta & vbCrLf & tmpsRigaLetta
Close #iFreeFile
GetConfFile = sRigaLetta
Exit Function

End Function

the objGlobal.LoadLicenseKeyData(...) return false

any one can help me ?

Hello ..

You need to purchase a license for the SmartFTP FTP Library:

The license for the SmartFTP Client product cannot be used for the FTP Library component.