Uploading GIF images

I uploaded a number of GIF images to my remote host - to a image folder in my public_html folder - I did this in Auto mode.

They uploaded OK but they are not showing on the pages which are also in the public_html folder. In all cases it is showing the "little red cross in a box".

When I look at the mark up it shows <img src="../My%20Images/back_pain.gif"> which is the path on my local browser.

I actually went into my cPanel and edited it to read <img src="images/back_pain.gif"> and the image then shows up OK .

Rectifying it this way means I have to edit every page (help!) individually

I know this is pretty mundane and elementary but what am I doing wrong -- I really would appreciate any help in solving this problem.


Norman H

Hello ..

The problem is not really related to SmartFTP but you have to change all your html files to fix the path to the images. To change the paths in all files you can use an editor (e.g. Ultraedit [url="http://www.ultraedit.com)"]http://www.ultraedit.com)[/url] which features a "Replace in Files..." function.
On your local computer you should have the same directory structure as on the server. The best way is to setup your own web server (e.g. Apache: [url="http://www.apache.org)"]http://www.apache.org)[/url] on your local computer. This way you can avoid the path problem you will run into without the local server. I would also recommend you to read some web publishing tutorials. They will save you a lot of troubles.


Hello Mat ,

Thank you for your prompt reply -- much appreciated.

Sincerely ,

Norman H