Creating a Password for web page

Hi there

I am currently attempting to lock one or two of my webpages, using a profesinal company located on the net.

In order to create a connection for the uploading of protected files,I need to provide them with certain information regarding my ftp settings

They ask for the following information:

ftp settings .... (they offer ftp:// without the option of any other prefix.)

How do I match these to your smartftp headings, which are:

Log in

I have tried a few combinations, but as you can see, I have got nowhere.
Their offices are closed until 3rd january for vacation. Any thoughts.
Company website is at
if this helps

Many thanks



Te he puesto esa pagina por que lo que preguntas no tiene nada que ver con el cliente en si, si no con el funcionamiento de las paginas webs.