Smart FTP download errors

From our public web site, I can download a 28.8mb zip file using firefox. I can not correctly download this file using IE7, nor can I download it using SmartFTP. Here is SmartFTP's log:

[14:55:41] 200 Type set to I
[14:55:41] SIZE
[14:55:41] 550 Permission denied
[14:55:41] File size check (SIZE) failed. File not found or permission denied.
[14:55:41] PASV

The file actually downloads to my desktop, but there is nothing inside the zip file. So, my question is why can I download the file using Firefox 2.0 and not download it successfully with either IE7.0 or SmartFTP 2.0.1.

It is not a permission issue or a file size issue. If it were, Firefox couldn't download the file...

Hello ..

Please post the complete log from SmartFTP. I don't see a reason why the problem should be with SmartFTP if the file downlodas to your local computer.