uploading only *.htm and *.html files


I am looking for a possibilty to upload all my html files on a big website with 100's of subdirectories and about 40000 html pages. I know the possiblity of the selection groups but it seems that this function only select the *.htm/html files that are actual viewable in the browser.
I now also the Filter tool but there I guess i would need a regular expression excluding anything except *.htm and *.html.

Is there another way to upload all *.htm and *.html files with the queue or is it possible to tell smart ftp to upload only these files?

Thanks Frank

Yep a regular expression which matches only .htm and .html files is what you need. Once you have it you can add it to the Exclusion Filters in the favorite item. Then connect to the FTP server through the favorite item and add the items to the Transfer Queue.


and how is this regular expression? as i am not very familar with that, it would be very nice if somebody could tell me the reqular expression for excluding anything except *.htm or *.html files.
Why can't you add a function that one can define which files with which ending are uploaded...

Thanks a lot!

One possible RegExp to include only *.htm and *.html files would be


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thanks for the regex.
And I entered my number in my profile. I had entered it at the end of the first mail as about a year ago that was the way to go i think.

Have a nice day

The newest version of SmartFTP allows a more convenient way to define include filters. Please see the Transfer -> Filters settings.