How to save both remote & local folders


2006-10-27 18:39:07

How to save both remote & local folders in favorites or someway.

I connect to several ftp sites. If I choose one from "favorites" it goes to the remote site but it doesn't open the local folder for that particular site. So I have to browse to it each time for every ftp site I connect to.

I can save a remote site to favorites but it doesn't save the local folder with it.

How do I set up SmartFTP so that I can easily connect to each of my websites with one click?




2006-10-27 23:19:42

Hello ..

1. Menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites.
2. Locate your favorite item. Check the "Quick Connect" folder.
3. Right-click on the item. Select Properties.
4. Go to the General -> Local dialog and select the option and enter the local folder.



2006-10-31 00:25:49


I've done that but it still doesn't seem to save the local folder.

Does SmartFTP have to be setup a certain way for this to work? I've played around with it a lot trying diferent panes etc. I have it setup now with the local browser on top and remote on bottom.

I'm a bit frustrated as I'm sure there's a way to set it up because it's only logical to have it remember the folders. But why won't it????

Seems to always go back to "Desktop" folder.



2006-11-01 22:43:11

Can anyone help?



2006-11-02 03:08:31

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. What do you exactly intend to do and what do you mean by "it doesn't save the folder"?



2006-11-03 20:08:27

Smartftp HAS AN OPTION to save to favorites.

Seems like it only saves the remote ftp site folder.

It won't save the local folder for that particular website.

If I connect to one web to upload files then connect to another web site after that, the remote folder stays the same as the 1st web site I connected to.

Even if I use the favorites where I actually inputed the local folders it still just plain doesn't work.

I have to browse to the new remote folder myself everytime.

Unless I'm on a completely different wavelenght.

I have use a few others including CuteFTP that does this with no problem.

Hope it's possible and someone can explain how to do it.