Projected outlook for Secure Sockets?

I purchased SmartFTP with the hopes of being able to use it to make secure connections to my server.

Is this not possible? I read somewhere that SFTP is possible, but can not find any documentation as to
how to set this up.

I really think it is time to encrypt the passwords that connect me to my web assets.

But I do not know how - other than using WinSCP3 - which is free.

The only problem I have with WinSCP3 is the fact that I must log into my server using the root user name and password. The problem becomes a real problem because everything I upload is owned by the root. So if I upload something for another domain on my server it is owned by root - which does not allow my users to use or modify the files I place using WinSCP3.

My great hopes was that my purchase of SmartFTP would give me insight to accomplishing a solution to this problem. I really simply want to connect securely without bouncing my user name and password over the Internet in plain text!

I read that secure socket is not ready....Do you have a projected date of beta for this feature?

Please let me know if there are any solutions.

Great product - thank you for your creation.



Hello ..

SmartFTP supports FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) which is equally secure as SFTP. SFTP is a different protocol and it's not based on the FTP standard. Meanwhile most if not all FTP server software supports the FTPS extension.

Our plan is to offer SFTP support by the end of this year.

My suggestion to your problem is to install a FTP server software which supports FTPS on your server.