Transfer Queue - Not disconnecting - Fixed time?

Dear SmartFTP,

Love the product but am having a couple of difficulties I hope you can help with:

a) I've created 5 items on the transfer queue and they repeat every hour. But the remote PC is getting clogged up with FTP connections as it never seems to issue a quit command, closing the FTP session. Is there something I'm missing as I can't find it on either the options or on the schedule options.

When these items transfer, if they are scheduled to start at 12:05am, and the transfer takes 15 seconds, the next scheduled run time is 01:05:15, and this continues on, shifting the time into the future relentlessly. Is there a way to fix the scheduled run time?

Thanks for your help,

Peter G Green

Hello ...

a) Your remote FTP server should recognize a close/shutdown of the connection without a QUIT command. Also connections should automatically timeout on the server side after a few minutes of inactivity.

b) I think we have changed this in the latest version at:



Thanks for the reply and yes, the latest build does fix the 2nd issue about scheduled time increase. Is there no way for forcing a "quit" command to happen when the transfer is complete? The chap running the web server is almost at the point where he's going to ban me as "his" FTP server (web and ftp on same server) is being flooded by my connection attempts (via SmartFTP hourly updates). I've disabled the keepalive, and reduced the threads to 1, but he's still complaining. Is it something he may need to configure on his FTP server (Windows 2003 Web Edition)?