column widths don't save

Hello everyone,

I find it very annoying that smartftp doesn't save the column width in the file list. At least in the remote server view, I always get a very narrow "filename" column (only about 7 characters are shown). Now to make it more difficult, this seems to happen not with all folders, but some. I have no idea which, but I tried it out with one particular folder where I need the name col rather wide, and every time I switch to that folder (even in the same session), it goes back to narrow. smartftp seems to remember something, since it shows different widths in different folders, but it definitely doesn't show the width I set.

Any idea, cause it's driving me nuts?


1. What version are you using?
Install the latest version from

2. Make sure the Menu: View->Auto Column Sizing setting is set to "Off"


Ahhh thanks mb. Exactly what I was looking for. I was searching the Settings like crazy... a little hint under "Interface" would have helped!