Cannot see files

I am having trouble seeing the files on an ftp site. A coworker is using version 1.0 and has the same settings and can see the files fine. I am on version 2.0. Any ideas?


[10:24:44] SmartFTP v2.0.996.23
[10:24:44] Resolving host name ""
[10:24:44] Connecting to Port: 10021
[10:24:44] Connected to
[10:24:44] 220 <<<CONNECT:Enterprise for UNIX 1.3.02 Secure FTP>>> at eros FTP server ready. Time = 12:26:08
[10:24:44] USER dgoalian
[10:24:44] 331 Password required for dgoalian.
[10:24:44] PASS (hidden)
[10:24:44] 230 CONNECT:Enterprise for UNIX login ok, access restrictions apply.
[10:24:44] SYST
[10:24:44] 215 UNKNOWN Type: L8
[10:24:44] TYPE I
[10:24:44] 200 Type set to I.
[10:24:44] REST 0
[10:24:44] 550 Operation is not supported under CONNECT:Mailbox FTP server.
[10:24:44] PWD
[10:24:44] 257 "/dgoalian" is current directory.

Hello ..

1. Post the complete log. There is no listing attempt in the log you posted.

2. Post the raw directory of the directory where you don't see the files. Right click on the folder and select "Show Raw Directory Listing:


Is this what you mean?

-SR--M------- A dgoalian 61123 2402 May 04 13:36 <<ACTIVITY LOG>>
Total number of batches listed: 1

Hello ...

Yes, that's the raw directory listing. Can you post some from other directories which contain more files/folders?

Thank you.