Schedule a Backup Upload

I understand the queue and I've successfully scheduled a backup upload to an FTP server. I want to schedule a backup upload each night. It appears that SmartFTP needs to be running and connected to the FTP server for the scheduled upload to work. Also, the "Start" button on the queue needs to be pressed. Is there a way for a scheduled job to login in and start the job? Would I run a batch file to start SmartFTP and click the "Start" button on the queue? Where would I find the commands needed for such a batch file?

David Bishop
License - 400017515

Hello David ..

In the Transfer Queue Settings : Global Settings -> Queue dialog you can set the "Start Queue on Startup" option. This will affect whether the Transfer Queue is automatically started or not.
To start SmartFTP automatically you can add it to the "Scheduled Tasks" in Windows.
Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick help mb, however, I can't find the transfer queue: global settings stuff you're talking about. I know it's been a long time between posts, but it would be help if you could reply.
Thanks, David

Global Settings:
Menu: Tools->Settings

Transfer Queue:
Menu: View->Other Windows->Transfer Queue or press Ctrl+Q


I also found a schedule command after right-clicking a folder in temp queue. Will this work as well?

Yes, you can schedule a transfer in the "Transfer Queue". In the "Temporary Queue" tab you cannot.

hi, i have sort of the same question as the original guy at the top of the thread.... i want to upload once a night and therefore leave smart ftp running permanently.... is there a way to run it in the background and just have it visible in the system tray of windows instead of a normal window....

i dont see a way round not leaving the client open at all times?!


"Tools->Settings->Interface" section "General" "Minimize to Systray"