remote copy failed, can't find files

Hi, first post here.

I have 2.5 GB of photos from my members on my site. I'm redeveloping the site, so wanted to copy these files to a subdomain.

I highlighted the folders, right-clicked, selected copy. Navigated to the target directory, pasted.

However, as I have just found out, you can't copy from one spot on the server directly to another spot on the server, without first downloading then uploading to the new site.

BUT, my real problem is that the folders are not in the source directory! And only some of them seem to have moved into the target directory. I have FTP'd via IE to check that they are not visible in the source directory.

But get this; the files must still be there, because I can see all the images on the website. It seems that the folders are just not visible via FTP. And I do have a back up of most of the files, but it's a couple of months old.

Has anyone heard of/fixed this problem please?

TIA, Will

I would recommend you to contact your web hosting provider regarding the issues with the hidden folders.

You can try to check the [x] Show All Files option in the Settings -> General -> Transfer dialog. This will add "-a" to the LIST argument list.