Resuming compatibility

Hi Mat,

While downloading a file from a corporate FTP server I noticed that SmartFTP v1.5 can resume a download when "SIZE" command is not permited while latest version of SmartFTP can't. While SmartFTP v1.5 is able to detect file size even if "SIZE" is not permited by server using the "150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for F1.iso (2181332992 bytes).", SmartFTP v2.0 detects "-1 byte" as file size if "SIZE" command is server side disabled.

Maybe the v2.0 implementation is following the standard (I don't know), however v1.5 implementation is more... compatible?


Hello ..

Sorry your post doesn't make sense. Please post a detailed problem description and supply all necessary information (logs, system information, etc) to support your claims.