How can i get My Valid Key again for SmartFTP that i Purchased?

How to i go about getting Another Working Key for SmartFTP. I emailed awhile back Because i had updated my SmartFTP and couldnt get it working after that... They had sent me a new key for it. But i recentlly had a virus on my pc and lost everything. How can i get a new Key so i can use my program again that i paid for?
My Info should be on File for my Purchase..

If you need any info from me I will try to supply you with as much as i can... I dunno what i can dig up since i had to format my pc. I can supply you with my Name and Email Address that I used For the Transaction... If you wanna Private message me to get info... I cant seem to get it working to send anyone a private message.. i keep getting SQL errors.