Session Queue in Version 2


I know the Session Queue doesn't exists anymore in version 2, but how can i do the same thing. The Transfer Queue start a new connection (thread), but i want to use the existing connection to transfer my files (like the good old Session Queue). I thought the "Reuse Existing Connection" in the settings (Queue option) do the same thing, but it also start a new connection (thread)!


Hello MM ..

The "Reuse connection" Queue option only affects the Transfer Queue. There is no way that an existing Remote Browser connection can be taken over by the Transfer Queue. If your FTP server limits the number of concurrent connections to one use the Remote Browser to queue all the files. Then disconnect the Remote Browser connection and start the Transfer Queue. If your server is extremely busy and requires you to upload "something" before you can download you should probably reconsider your activities :-)


Hi MB!

I think the only way to "simulate" the session queue will be to drag and drop my file in the Transfer Queue, Disconnect from my server and then start the transfer. BTW, it's not a server where i have to upload and then download. It's a server at my job (one connection allowed by IP!).


I'm glad to hear that (2nd part).

If your connection is limited to 1 connection/ip don't forget to the set the max threads/site setting in the favorite item.