When Opening Program, All Data Lost

Firstly, I am licensed, but when I try to enter my license info it comes up with an error box.
My ID is the license? It is 400014502

Anyway, when I open Smart FTP sometimes, about after the 10th opening, the program reverts to demo mode and all my settings are lost. It then asks if I want to purchase the program.

I then reenter the license info and have to put in all my log on settings, etc. It registers and shows in the "about" box that I am a licensed user.

After this, I can use it about 10 more times, then it empties all my info, again.

-- A few things, I had the demo before buying. So before reinstalling the full version [there may not be a difference], I uninstalled the program then reinstalled it. That did not help.

-- I also have the program sitting in my Start menu, don't know if that matters.

-- Lastly, one thing I did do was move my files that I normally FTP [website] to another hard drive and folder. I am wondering if Smart looks for those folders in the last place they were and when it does not find them, it reverts to the demo mode?

Anyone have this problem?

Programs that I use that may be causing confusion:

ZoneAlarm Pro [but I made SmartFTP a trusted zone, so that should not be an issue].

Norton Systemsworks [Anti virus, but NOT their Internet Security firewall]


Crap Cleaner [this may be the problem, as it is set to clean lots of stuff on my computer, so maybe it gets rid of my settings in SmartFTP? I ran Crap Cleaner and reopened SFTP with no problem, so does not seem to be it.

Any ideas?


Here is the Crap Cleaner Interface:


Hello Gimp ..

I'm sorry but we are not aware of such problems. You may want to try the latest version from:
(SmartFTP v1.5 and SmartFTP v2.0 runs in parallel)

The license key (SmartFTP.key) is a file stored in the%APPDATA\SmartFTP folder. SmartFTP does not delete this file in any case.

My guess is that the problem is very likely with some other software installed on your computer.