Client not working past 1/9/06...

I just purchased my key for Smart FTP 1.5.991. When I attempt to login to a site I get this:

SmartFTP v1.5.991.24
sfFTPLib not licensed.
Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...

When I take the Date and Time properties in WinXP and set the date to yesterday(Jan 9th 2006) everything works normally. When I set the date to today(Jan 10th) or any date beyond that I get the message above. Please help me fix this.

Hi, try downloading the beta build from my signature to see if it fixes your trouble.

This error occurs if the sfFTPLib.dll cannot verify the signature of SmartFTP.exe. This should not happen unless the SmartFTP.exe has been tempered.

What OS are you using?

Please try again with the latest version from:

The version of the new sfFTPLib.dll is:
sfFTPLib.dll :


I've got the same error. We've used "keyed" applications for a while; I just introduced a new key for SFTP. I tested "the key" on Smart FTP by launching the program. I guess it wasn't enough to simply launch the program. I've actually got to make an sFTP connection to verify that the executable works. Ah, this needs to be fixed.

When a keyed application launches it reports to our server for licensing or usage information. In the past We've used Smart FTP for student labs without the key. I introduced the key in an effort to get reporting information; this would show the frequency of use by students.

I'm must remove the key for the time being, however the folks at SmartFTP may find it useful to talk to the folks at Sassafras to see if there's a way for SFTP to run with a key.
-Academic User