MB can you please shed light on status of Pro version...


2005-11-19 15:54:48

its been 14 months since you posted some sreen shots of the pro version....youve commented the release some time in 2005.......lol MB 2005 is gonna be over soon...

my friend are we getting close ? ive been waiting patiently for 2 years now some features you will include in the pro version.....that other clients already offer.....

1.delete source files and folders after sucessful transfer as server admin movin data from 1 remote server to an other this is a must......when i need to do this i must switch clients and use bitkinex ftp client. as this aoption saves me the time of having to go back and delete from one server what i moved to the other..
2. also i suggetsted to use the powerful transfer que of smart ftp to carry out comands like the delete using multiple threads to make some task much much faster.......ie i want to delete a folder that has say 1000 files say mp3 in it....well say i had set the logings for the site to 50.....then smart ftp would login 50 times and begin dleting the contents....rather than using one thread as it does now.... gain competitors are adding this feature...

plz i bought my licience and have been waiting patiently almost 2 years for these promised feature....can you please shed some light on this MB?


2005-11-30 08:48:50

Hello ..

The SmartFTP Client version 2.0 is around the corner but the features you requested are not part of it. Unfortunately due to the lack of engineering resources the Pro version has been delayed again.

It is correct that the Transfer Queue in the Pro version will execute all tasks, including the delete operations. But especially for the delete command, I doubt that this approach will significantly lower the total execution time.

The other feature request will be considered as well in the Pro version.