SmartFTP Client 6.0 Change Log

Product lifecycle: EOL (End-of-life)
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6.0 Build 2001 21. April 2014
  • User Interface
    • New ribbon interface
    • Office 2013 theme
    • High dpi support for 125% - 250% dpi
    • Replaced all toolbar bitmaps with multi-resolution icons
    • Added support for mouse over scrolling
  • Remote Browser
    • Connection sharing between Remote Browser and Transfer Queue
    • Removed connect/reconnect/disconnect buttons and functionality
    • The root folder / is now handled like any other file folder
    • Unified search implementation/interface
  • Text Editor
    • Added clipboard ring
    • Dynamic styling is now done when the main thread is idle
    • New quick find & replace
    • New indicator bar which shows annotations, search highlights and spelling errors on the right side of the scrollbar
    • A progress indicator is shown during lexing/highlighting
    • The number of selected characters and lines is now displayed in the statusbar
    • Support for Microsoft spellchecker with auto correction
    • Added support for code preview. Enable it in the settings.
    • Added Visual Compare of 2 documents
    • Added the ability to add column markers to the ruler bar
  • Modernization
    • Unified search implementation (Removed legacy search implementation)
    • Replaced CryptoAPI with CNG
    • Replaced custom task dialog implementation with native implementation
    • Transfer filters use Canonical Advanced Query Syntax (AQS)
  • Cleanup
    • Removed all Windows XP specific code and workarounds
    • Removed Rapidshare
  • System Requirement: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 2012 (R2), Windows 8.1

6.0 Build 2002 23. April 2014
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Bookmarks
  • Fix: Windows 8.1: Preview pane
  • Fix: Preview pane state was not restored
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Double click was broken when the "[x] Use check boxes to select items" option was enabled.

6.0 Build 2003 23. April 2014
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Unix group, owner
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Edit
  • Fix: Multi-part downloads

6.0 Build 2006 28. April 2014
  • Fix: WebDAV
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Edit
  • Fix: Favorites Browser: Favorite name change was not always reflected in the view
  • Remote Browser: Added Open With... context menu if there are no file associations

6.0 Build 2007 30. April 2014
  • Fix: Quick Search
  • Fix: Favorite Browser: New favorite
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Item check boxes
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Edit (once again)

6.0 Build 2008 1. May 2014
  • Fix: Crash when creating a new connection through the login bar
  • Better fail-over mechanism for invalid initial paths. Initial paths have to be absolute (starting with a /)

6.0 Build 2009 2. May 2014
  • Fix: Windows 8: Remote Browser: Open with... and "make default association"
  • Settings: Single instance is now enabled by default
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Upload failed to queue the items under some circumstances

6.0 Build 2012 6. May 2014
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Various issues with folder redirection and navigation pane
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Multi part transfers using the FTP protocol
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Removed unnecessary parent folder resolution during upload
  • Fix: Password Recovery Tool: Failed to run on 32-bit platform
  • Fix: Log Control: Set font
  • Remote Browser: New Copy Url function in ribbon
  • Updated Italian localization

6.0 Build 2015 7. May 2014
  • Fix: Draw issues if the taskbar is attached to the left side of the screen
  • Fix: Uninitialized variable caused various issues
  • Fix: Freeze when Sync navigation and Link browser was enabled
  • Fix: Remote Browser: View

6.0 Build 2017 13. May 2014
  • Updated Office 2013 theme
  • Fix: Serv-U returns incorrect value in Win32.ea property
  • Fix: Incorrect behavior when entering a path to a file into the address input box
  • Fix: Telnet
  • Windows 7: Workaround for systems where KB2533623 has not been installed
  • Fix: Backspace in shell view

6.0 Build 2019 17. May 2014
  • Improved Office 2013 theme: flat borders, check box controls, check marks in menus, context menu shadows
  • Fix: Windows 8.1: Drag&Drop to Transfer Queue pane
  • Internal: Added assembly dependencies to component manifests
  • Internal: Replaced legacy memory dc with new buffered paint functionality
  • Updated Dutch localization

6.0 Build 2021 22. May 2014
  • Improved Office 2013 theme: key accelerators, pane tab buttons
  • FTP: Improved parser performance
  • Remote Browser: Refresh / F5 is now reloading the file listing from the server

6.0 Build 2024 28. May 2014
  • Settings: Filter Sets: Internal: Removed extra save & copy operations
  • Favorite Properties: Removed description for file exist rules
  • Favorite Properties: Filter: Improved usability of edit conditions dialog
  • Favorite Properties: Removed edit button for ascii and priority list controls
  • Fix: Favorites: Windows 8: Incorrect icon for Edit Default Favorite
  • Fix: Edit Favorites: Create shortcut command was broken
  • Various other unspecified fixes of minor bugs
  • Fix: FTP: Upload failed when compression was enabled
  • Fix: Windows 7: Transfer speed for uploads was limited when CTCP was disabled

6.0 Build 2026 31. May 2014
  • Updated Turkish translation
  • Transfer Queue: Added file logger (Ultimate edition with Logger addon)

6.0 Build 2029 10. June 2014
  • Fix: Ascii filters were ignored
  • Multi Upload pane: Redesigned UI elements.
  • Browser: Details pane is themed (Office 2013) now
  • Transfer Queue: Added database logger (Ultimate edition with Logger addon)
  • Transfer Queue: New plugin architecture

6.0 Build 2030 12. June 2014
  • Favorites UI: Added CTCP note to Performance dialog
  • Windows 7: LastPass, KeePass: Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
  • Fix: Quick find highlight
  • Transfer Queue: Folder contents are no longer cached
  • Remote Browser: If the use automatic rule as the default file exist action is selected, folders are no longer enumerated.
  • Remote Browser: New option in the Settings - Interface dialog which specifies how the remote browser layout is saved.

6.0 Build 2036 20. June 2014
  • Fix: Ascii filters did not apply for uploads
  • Fix: The passphrase prompt did never show
  • S3: Added Permission dialog to manage Access Control List (acl)
  • Fix: WebDAV: Fixed problem with empty folder listing

6.0 Build 2037 24. June 2014
  • S3: Added Copy Url for HTTP, HTTPS and torrent
  • S3: Added S3 property page to the property sheet which shows the bucket location, storage class, encryption, versioning
  • Fix: S3: Rename of folder was broken
  • S3: Rename does now maintain storage class, encryption and acl
  • Remote Browser: Improved handling for servers not returning a file size. E.g. Fotki Photos-thru-FTP Engine 2.2

6.0 Build 2039 27. June 2014
  • Favorite Properties: SSH - Authentication page: Added wizard to import a private key file into the Windows certificate store.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Move operation was fully enumerating the folder.
  • Fix: Windows 7: Workaround for crash bug in ole32 that was caused when a favorite with a corresponding history item was deleted

6.0 Build 2040 2. July 2014
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Permissions dialog was not initialized correctly
  • Transfer Queue: The parent destination folder is no longer automatically created. The transfer will fail if the parent destination folder does not exist.

6.0 Build 2042 7. July 2014
  • Browsers: Added Content view mode.
  • Visual Compare now works in all view and group modes.
  • Fix: Regression: Transfer Queue: Synchronize: One way with Delete
  • Updated scintilla
  • Internal: Separated Scheduler from Transfer Queue

6.0 Build 2045 9. July 2014
  • Added File Explorer frequent list to Local Browser menu
  • Fix: Database logger
  • Fix: Regression: Grid lines in browser views
  • Fix: Synchronized browsing for certain locations

6.0 Build 2049 18. July 2014
  • Browsers: Minor fixes when grid lines are enabled
  • Remote Browser: Folder replace confirmation is now always displayed
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Hidden files were ignored
  • Transfer Queue: Improved read/write performance of items file. (Replaced MSXML with XmlLite)
  • Scheduler: Improved read/write performance of data file (Replaced MSXML with XmlLite)
  • Favorites: Improved read performance of favorites (Replaced MSXML with XmlLite)

6.0 Build 2052 24. July 2014
  • Windows 7: Added check for SP1 in setup
  • Windows 8: Office 2013 is now the default theme for new installations
  • Text Editor: Added support for Notepad++'s language and style files. KB: How to use Notepad++ config files
  • FTP: Added MVS path type to force the client to always send MVS path styles
  • S3: XmlLite is now used to parse the responses
  • Internal: Serializer for all config files uses XmlLite now
  • Internal: Replaced debug file logging with ETW provider
  • Cleanup: Removed import of legacy history files (history.dat)

6.0 Build 2053 25. July 2014
  • Improved Office 2013 theme in high DPI mode (125% - 250%)
    • New glyphs for check marks, triangle, drop down arrow, overflow arrows, pin, close
    • Layout proportions are correctly adjusted
    The Office 2013 theme is the recommended theme for high DPI mode
  • WebDAV: XmlLite is now used to parse the responses
  • Fix: Remote Browser: File operation wasn't walking into sub folders during manual folder merge

6.0 Build 2058 2. August 2014
  • Text Editor: Switched from GDI to DirectWrite renderer

6.0 Build 2059 19. August 2014
  • Text Editor: Corrected line height and antialiasing
  • Text Editor: Support for Direct2D 1.1 which brings high-quality rendering. To take advantage of Direct2D 1.1 on Windows 7 install the Platform Update
  • New Task Scheduler which supersedes the legacy scheduler
  • Internal: New file monitor
  • Disabled Ident server settings dialog. Feature scheduled for removal

6.0 Build 2064 26. August 2014
  • Updated German translation

6.0 Build 2069 10. September 2014
  • Browser: Focus is no longer lost when browsing with the keyboard
  • Task Scheduler: Added automatic fix up if there is task named "SmartFTP" in the task scheduler's root folder.
  • Updated scintilla
  • Added check whether SmartFTP's shell extensions have "accidentally" been blocked by the user.
  • Windows 7: Added check for KB2533623 (superseded by KB2758857)
  • Task Scheduler: Windows 8 / 2012: Added workaround for bug in Windows Task Scheduler
  • Internal: Refactored url parsing/builder
  • Internal: LastPass, KeepPass, Activation switched to new http client

6.0 Build 2071 18. September 2014
  • Keyboard shortcuts have changed: Ctrl+I = open favorites, Ctrl+J = copy, Ctrl+Shift+J = move
  • Other unspecified fixes

6.0 Build 2078 28. September 2014
  • Added support for Google Drive
  • Remote Browser: Regression: Fixed bug with preview
  • Self signed certificates are now signed with SHA-256

6.0 Build 2084 18. October 2014
  • Added check for the case when the Task Scheduler windows service has been disabled
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Fixed several issues with the Permissions dialog
  • New file transfer implementation for Google Drive, S3 and WebDAV
    • Transfer files directly between servers with different protocols. E.g. S3 to Google Drive, or WebDAV to S3

6.0 Build 2085 21. October 2014
  • Fix: Telnet: Disconnect was blocking under some circumstances
  • Text Editor: Updated Scintilla
  • Text Editor: Added support for VS Line Copy: Ctrl+C copies the current line if no text is selected
  • Fix: Windows 7: Transfer Queue: Show log caused catastrophic failure if the log was empty
  • Fix: Favorites: SSH: Export of public key

6.0 Build 2086 24. October 2014
  • SSH: Deprecated old and weak ciphers: cast128-cbc, blowfish
  • SSH: Deprecated HMACs: hmac-md5-96, hmac-sha1-96
  • Terminal: Visual bell no longer requires an extra window border
  • Terminal: Support for Direct2D 1.1 which brings fast and high-quality (subpixel) rendering.
  • Windows 7: KB2670838 is now a prerequisite. More Details

6.0 Build 2087 28. October 2014
  • Fix: Text Editor: Copy didn't put the correct HTML content into the clipboard
  • Updated UI component
  • Terminal: Fix: Fixed a couple of minor drawing issues
  • Changed all urls pointing to to https

6.0 Build 2090 6. November 2014
  • Terminal: Added xterm extended mouse support
  • To prevent GDI handle exhaustion, the number of open browsers (tabs) is now limited to 32
  • Improved High-DPI support (especially 200%, 250% dpi modes)
    • Additional high resolution icons
    • Fixed several minor display issues

6.0 Build 2092 10. November 2014
  • Google Drive: Reduced number of server requests when resolving paths
  • Added support for Microsoft OneDrive