SmartFTP Client 4.0 Change Log

  • Version:4.0
  • Development Status:EOL
v4.0 Build 1191 10. June 2011
  • Remote Browser: Added auto refresh feature. To enable it: menu: Tools - Settings. Then go to the General - Navigation dialog
  • Browser: Refactored controls (tree/view/preview) and control hosts. 1st iteration.</il>
  • Added SmartFTP.exe module verification to start sequence
  • Fix: If a version prior build 1186 has been installed but no Quick Folders.dat existed in the appdata folder the application crashed
  • Fix: Regression: Ctrl+V in shellview
  • Fix: Favorites: Passphrase for private key was not saved when using a credential provider other than the default (Favorite)
  • Fix: Favorites: Windows XP: Export was broken
v4.0 Build 1190 8. June 2011
  • Settings: Added setting for KeePassRest Url
  • Favorites: Added support for Windows Credential Store
  • Settings: Removed import from 1.x versions. Favorites can still be manually imported though.
v4.0 Build 1189 4. June 2011
  • Favorites: Added support for KeePass credential store (Ultimate Edition).
  • Favorites: FTP: Deprecated custom Keep Alive Commands
v4.0 Build 1186 1. June 2011
  • Change: Refactored Quick Folders and menu
  • Change: Rewrote Bookmarks and Bulk Rename menus
  • Improved Tree control performance. This was especially slow with thousands of folders
v4.0 Build 1185 24. May 2011
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Multipart transfers were stuck at 99% under some circumstances.
  • Transfer Queue: One and an uneven number of parts for Multipart transfers are now allowed.
  • Fix: Windows XP: Local Browser crash
v4.0 Build 1184 23. May 2011
  • Fix: Regression: File Encryption.
v4.0 Build 1183 19. May 2011
  • Fix: Regression: Fixed error when new favorite is created.
v4.0 Build 1182 19. May 2011
  • Fix: Regression: Fixed crash when a new connection is created.
v4.0 Build 1181 18. May 2011
  • Change: Transfer: File Encryption: Deprecated file encryption methods and replaced them with a safer method.
  • Change: Certificates are now identified by their thumbprint instead of their Common Name.
  • Change: Refactored Favorites and Bookmarks menus
  • Fix: Added missing icons. Tracker #130
  • Fix: Empty files were not created. Tracker #139
  • Fix: Regression: Rename of favorite folder
  • Fix: Scheduler was not thread safe
  • Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation
  • Editor: Updated Scintilla to 2.25
  • Favorites: Refactored the way the username/password information are stored.
  • Favorites: FTP: Added all supported code pages to code page selection
v4.0 Build 1180 18. April 2011
  • Added auto scroll for Visual Compare
  • Updated Vietnamese translation
  • Transfer: File Encryption: This is the last version with the old methods. They will be deprecated in the next build
v4.0 Build 1178 10. April 2011
  • Fix: Synchronized Browsing. Tracker #127
  • Editor: Improved brace matching
  • Transfer: Added favorite setting to enable Multi Part transfers by default
  • Fix: In some situations the focus in floating panes was not restored. Tracker #131
v4.0 Build 1176 28. March 2011
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Preview
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Updated CRT, MFC dlls.
  • Updated Russian, Italian, French, Hungarian translation.
  • 32-bit: SafeSEH is now enabled and enforced. For the 64-bit binary this was already the case.
v4.0 Build 1174 8. March 2011
  • Fix: Windows 7 SP1: Microsoft's Schannel hotfix broke TLS connections
v4.0 Build 1173 6. March 2011
  • Fix: Favorites: The Ascii filter list from the default favorite was used instead of the one in the favorite
  • Fix: Crash during startup when SmartFTP has been upgraded from version 2.x
v4.0 Build 1169 24. February 2011
  • Fix: Copy URL of root folder
  • Fix: Paste URL in New Remote Browser dialog did not update favorite name
  • Fix: Browser: Download To... and Download To Default did not add destination to MRU download list
  • Fix: Browser: Rearranging toolbar buttons resulted in a crash at startup
  • Fix: Inconsistency in Office 2007 themes
v4.0 Build 1168 14. February 2011
  • Added Visual Studio 2010 pane theme
  • Fix: Windows XP: Sporadic runtime errors in Windows Explorer
v4.0 Build 1166 10. February 2011
  • Fix: Regression: Favorites: Failed to create new favorite in Favorites window
  • Terminal: User commands can now be manually ordered. Hold the left Alt key then drag&drop the menu items
  • Added Office 2011 and Windows 7 themes
v4.0 Build 1165 1. February 2011
  • Fix: Regression: Drag&Drop of items from Desktop was broken since build 1163
v4.0 Build 1164 31. January 2011
  • SFTP: Improved upload speed
v4.0 Build 1163 27. January 2011
  • Fix: Favorites: Import of Favorites.dat from a very old version of SmartFTP
  • Fix: Windows XP: Various sporadic crashes/errors when the Local Browser was open
  • Added detection for buggy psicon.dll that can crash SmartFTP
  • Updated Source Preview Handler
v4.0 Build 1162 20. January 2011
  • Scheduler: Added import/export
  • Fix: Built-in backup forgot to backup scheduler file
v4.0 Build 1161 19. January 2011
  • Favorites: Added Auto to FTP: Connection: Passive IP Mode option
  • Fix: Windows XP: Local Browser: Right-click context menu in tree
v4.0 Build 1160 17. January 2011
  • Fix: Favorites: Browsing to shared favorite folders (Settings: Favorites) did not work
  • Fix: Browser: File Exist dialog did not display file/folders that contained & correctly
v4.0 Build 1159 15. January 2011
  • Text Editor: Added option to disable fly-by toolbar
  • Scheduler: Queue Item Action: Added Guarantee serialized execution option.
  • Fix: Favorites Properties: Use Default Settings option was available for the default favorite
  • Fix: FTP: If compression was set to auto for uploads, compression was never used
  • Fix: Custom commands: Restore defaults
v4.0 Build 1156 11. January 2011
  • Scheduler: Added sort in view
  • Other internal changes
v4.0 Build 1155 3. January 2011
  • Fix: Text Editor: Cursor position with auto indent
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Drop of Favorites to Multi Upload
  • Browser: Performance and memory improvements for shell browser
  • File Exist Dialogs: Added access keys (Alt+D and Alt+S)
  • Windows XP: SP3 is required
v4.0 Build 1154 24. December 2010
  • SFTP: Added fallback if sftp subsystem is not enabled
  • Fix: SFTP: Keep Create Time set Date Modified instead of Date Created
  • Fix: Windows XP: Text Editor: Syntax highlighting
  • Transfer Queue: Multi part: Changed the way partial file transfers are aborted
v4.0 Build 1153 21. December 2010
  • Fix: SFTP: Keep File Time
  • Transfer Queue: Windows Vista/7: New performance counters for total items, items processed, items processed/sec
v4.0 Build 1152 20. December 2010
  • Fix: Terminal: User Commands in Full Screen mode
  • Fix: Scheduler: File monitor did not start
v4.0 Build 1151 17. December 2010
  • Fix: Windows XP: Resources did not load correctly
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Missing critical section
  • Fix: Windows 7: If the jumplist has been disabled (by a group policy or other means) the application would crash
  • Fix: Terminal: User Commands
v4.0 Build 1149 16. December 2010
  • Resource cleanup
  • Updated zlib to version 1.2.5
  • Text Editor: Added Language menu
  • Favorites: Improved FireFTP import
  • Terminal: Added option to control the scrollbar behavior
v4.0 Build 1148 7. December 2010 - BETA
  • Terminal: Full screen support
  • Text Editor: Added Enable Auto Complete setting
  • Text Editor: Improved code folding
  • New Scheduler, now separated from the transfer queue.
  • Transfer Queue: Item states (retry, failed, etc) are now saved
  • Dynamically linked crt, mfc dlls
  • Remote Browser: Reworked multi item properties dialog
  • FTP: HASH support compliant with draft-ietf-ftpext2-hash-00
  • Shell combobox and back/forward controls are now high DPI aware
  • Fix: Multi part transfers with file encryption enabled
  • Fix: Regression: File confirmation dialogs were not correctly initialized (e.g. default button was not focused)
v4.0 Build 1145 28. October 2010
  • Fix: Windows XP: Local Browser: Unspecified Windows Update broke delete folder functionality in tree ctrl.
  • Fix: Windows XP: Local Browser: Unspecified Windows Update caused new folders not to be added correctly
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Tree control was not correctly updated after delete folder operation
  • Cleanup of shell notification helper
v4.0 Build 1144 26. October 2010
  • SDK: Added various samples (e.g. transfer statistics with RRDtool).
  • Editor: Added setting for syntax highlight for custom file extension
v4.0 Build 1142 21. October 2010
  • Fix: Keep date created for folders.
  • Fix: Security fix for filenames > MAX_PATH
  • Fix: z-order in tab bar was not always correct
  • Fix: Missing Visual Compare icons under some circumstances
  • Other unspecified fixes
v4.0 Build 1140 7. October 2010
  • Fix: 64-bit: Copy URL crashed if string contained non ASCII chars.
  • Updated UI library.
  • Fix: Cosmetic issues with high DPI settings
  • SSH: Added keep alive feature (Favorite Properties->SSH dialog)
v4.0 Build 1139 3. October 2010
  • Fix: Copy URL converts the string to UTF-8 first now.
  • Fix: Settings: File Exist: Option to use hash could not be disabled
  • Editor: Updated Scintilla
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Opening a file was not working if the option is set to Browser (Default: Queue)
v4.0 Build 1138 18. September 2010
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Navigation issue with case sensitive file systems
  • Fix: Queue: Email templates were not saved if the Queue folder did not exist
v4.0 Build 1137 20. August 2010
  • Fix (Regression): Transfer Queue: Multi part downloads
v4.0 Build 1136 19. August 2010
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Download of root folder
v4.0 Build 1134 16. August 2010
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Windows XP: Search
  • Fix: Drop Folder and zip folders/files
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Synchronization with delete and auto rename
  • Settings: Added setting for protocol selection for the URL Watcher
v4.0 Build 1133 2. August 2010
  • Favorites: Added auto link option to Local dialog
v4.0 Build 1131 1. August 2010
  • Browser: Added link feature to bind/link one or multiple browsers together
  • Transfer Queue: Added Monitor to extended context menu (hold the Shift key)
v4.0 Build 1129 27. July 2010
  • FTP: Workarounds for FTP server running on Windows CE
  • Fix: Windows 7: Drag&Drop from Temporary Queue to Local Browser
v4.0 Build 1127 25. July 2010
  • Fix: Regression: Windows XP: Unspecified fixes
v4.0 Build 1125 24. July 2010
  • Browser: Improved performance of tree control
  • Fix: Remote Browser: File names are now sanitised
  • Browser: Added Download context menu to root item
  • Fix: Windows XP: Regression: Heap corruption in Browse for Folder dialog
v4.0 Build 1124 14. July 2010
  • FTP: Workaround for MudOS
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Forced refresh in tree view
  • Fix: Local Browser: Windows Vista+: Folders that have been partially expanded are no longer auto expanded
  • Settings: Most Recent Used list of download folders are no longer displayed in the Quick Folders page
v4.0 Build 1122 25. June 2010
  • FTP: File name and file type are now combined on VM
  • SSH: Workaround for non compliant SSH implementations (e.g. F-Secure)
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Login prompt issues. Bug #79
v4.0 Build 1121 11. June 2010
  • Remote Browser: Added Blocks column
  • Fix: Windows XP: Remote Browser: Sorting of VM Format and VM Type columns
  • Fix: Windows XP: Multiupload views were not handling items with duplicate names correctly
  • Settings: Default Editor setting now accepts any file extension
v4.0 Build 1120 8. June 2010
  • Transfer Queue: Added Metalink 4 support
  • Fix: Regression: Proxy support for data connections
  • Updated UI library
v4.0 Build 1119 5. June 2010
  • SSH: Added option to display the authentication banner message some servers send
v4.0 Build 1118 28. May 2010
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: File size not correctly displayed in delete confirmation dialogs
  • Fix: Regression: FTP: Unix permissions from MLST/MLSD reply were incorrectly parsed
v4.0 Build 1116 22. May 2010
  • Remote Browser: Added Details property page (displays all properties of a file/folder) to Properties dialog
v4.0 Build 1115 21. May 2010
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Flicker in tree control during resize
  • Fix: Regression: Drag&Drop from Temporary Queue to Remote Browser
  • Fix: Regression: Modified file time was not set for downloads
v4.0 Build 1113 19. May 2010 - BETA
  • Browser: Rewrote filter bar and search control
  • Refactor: Unified connection implementation in Transfer Queue and Remote Browser
  • Remote Browser: Added support for File version, VM format, VM file type columns
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Local folder was opened in the Remote Browser instead of a Local Browser
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Windows Vista: Item was not set into edit mode after New file action.
v4.0 Build 1112 12. May 2010
  • Fix: Regression: Browser: Copy&Paste from Remote Browser to Local Browser
  • Fix: Regression: Local Browser: Windows XP: Folders were not correctly displayed in History/Address Bar
  • Fix: Local Browser: Windows XP: View mode is now correctly restored
v4.0 Build 1111 11. May 2010
  • Bug fix release
v4.0 Build 1110 10. May 2010
  • Bug fix release
v4.0 Build 1108 8. May 2010
  • Fix: Proxy support was broken
v4.0 Build 1107 7. May 2010 - BETA
  • Fix: FTPS: TLS init failed if the first packet was fragmented
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Delete of folder under some circumstances
  • Remote Browser: Refactor: Internally switched to property system
v4.0 Build 1105 4. May 2010
  • Fix: Regression: Missing items in context menu
  • Remote Browser: Refactored transfer/connection interface
v4.0 Build 1103 3. May 2010
  • New/updated License key is automatically loaded in all cases now
  • Browser: Rewrite of menu implementation
v4.0 Build 1102 30. April 2010
  • FTP: Support for virtual FTP hosts: FEAT command can now be sent before login to support HOST command. KB article: KB: Virtual Hosts
v4.0 Build 1101 29. April 2010
  • Unspecified changes.
v4.0 Build 1100 25. April 2010 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: New children are now always added right after the the last existing child.
v4.0 Build 1098 23. April 2010 - BETA
  • Terminal: New custom defined commands.
  • FTP/SFTP: New buffered file write.
  • Browser: Tree control can now reuse enumerated objects in shellview
  • Fix: Terminal: Crash after the terminal has been resized with certain terminal emulations
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Reconnect button was not always enabled
  • Fix: Local Browser: Windows XP: Drag&Drop from shellview to tree control.
  • Fix: Local Browser: Open command now opens a new Local Browser.
  • Fix: Refactor: Asynchronous events can no longer cause memory leaks.
  • Fix: Browser: Travel log
v4.0 Build 1097 13. April 2010
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2010 RTM.
  • Favorites: Added Overwrite Files & Merge Folders to file exist action.
  • Editor: Added expand/collapse all folding to View->Folding menu.
  • Custom Commands: Rewrite of back- and frontend
v4.0 Build 1095 10. April 2010 - BETA
  • FTP/FTPS: Added additional buffer for receive.
  • Regression: TLS: If client certificate cannot be found, no client certificate will be used.
  • Fix: SSH: Socket disconnect was not correctly handled.
  • Internal Refactoring: Replaced CAutoPtr, CAutoVectorPtr with std::unique_ptr, boost::scoped_ptr, boost::scoped_array
v4.0 Build 1094 4. April 2010 - BETA
  • Terminal: Window title now uses the remote window title submitted by the terminal.
  • Browser: Windows XP: Workaround for Windows XP bug (API returns wrong file size) that manifested itself in the Visual Compare feature.
v4.0 Build 1093 31. March 2010 - BETA
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Remove finished items was no longer working.
  • Fix: SSH: Timeout did never happen.
  • Toolbars can no longer be moved to the bottom.
  • Closing a tab doesn't require the tab to be focused first
  • Fix: Terminal: Text was inserted at the beginning of the row instead at a new line
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Error when selecting a script in the transfer queue item properties dialog
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Dependencies were not created under some circumstances
  • FTP: Completely rewrote SSL layer
v4.0 Build 1092 25. March 2010
  • Editor: Added word wrap button to toolbar.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Refresh did not always update the view.
  • SSH: Added support for openssh's custom keep alive mechanism.
  • FTP: Added support for CleverComponents Inet Suite
  • Fix: SSH: Issue when remote window size became 0
v4.0 Build 1091 20. March 2010
  • Favorites: Split up FTP->Connection->SSL/TLS dialog. Moved connection specific settings to new Connection->SSL/TLS dialog.
  • Terminal: Added support for Telnet and Telnet over SSL protocols
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Bug when default double click action was set to View
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Prompt for Passphrase dialog did not show
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Sync navigation option in the favorites properties did not work.
v4.0 Build 1090 19. March 2010
  • Fix: Editor: Codepage detection did not work
  • Transfer Queue: The transfer log is now attached to the notification email instead of the full log file
v4.0 Build 1088 18. March 2010
  • Fix (Regression): Edit With SmartFTP did not open the file in SmartFTP
v4.0 Build 1087 18. March 2010
  • Editor: Added column marker (Settings: Text Editor dialog)
  • Editor: Added current line highlight
  • Editor: Added zoom
  • Editor: Added line move up/down, duplicate, transpose, join/split
  • Editor: Bookmarks, LTR/RTL mode, cursor position are serialized
  • Editor: Added url detection
  • Editor: Bookmark button has a dropdown menu which shows all bookmarks
  • Editor: Added RTL mode (Menu: View)
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Finish time and transferred bytes were not always available in the progress object
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Crash when the [x] Verify Server Certificate option for SSL was enabled
v4.0 Build 1086 15. March 2010
  • Editor: Added column selection (hold the Alt key)
  • Fix: Settings: Editor in Default Viewer settings was overwritten under some circumstances
v4.0 Build 1085 12. March 2010
  • Fix: Find in Files: 64-bit: Find in empty files
  • Fix: Find in Files: Double clicking a result caused an error
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Windows XP: Auto sort after enum
v4.0 Build 1084 11. March 2010
  • Settings: Added Editor and Terminal to Interface: Workspace: Restore on startup options
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Windows XP: Redirect was not (always) working
  • Fix: Terminal: Dead-keys not handled correctly
  • FTP: Added support for SITE COPY extension for copying files on the same server.
  • Terminal: Added connection retry loop and progress indicator
  • Editor: Added Comment/Uncomment block
  • Editor: Added Ident/Unident block.
  • Editor: Added Goto Line
  • Editor: Added Line Change Indicator. Lines changed and saved are green, lines changed and not saved are red
  • Editor: Added fly-by toolbar on selection
v4.0 Build 1082 3. March 2010
  • Fix: About dialog: Upgrade link is now aware of the Ultimate edition
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Upload failed to add items to transfer queue
  • Editor: Now opens files that are dropped to an editor window
  • Fix (Regression): Backup Tool failed to start due to missing dll.
v4.0 Build 1081 2. March 2010
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Status bar protocol information tooltip and double click was broken
  • Favorites: Automatically expands/unexpands environmental variables in SSH->PrivateKey path when serialized.
  • Terminal: Clipping text not longer cut off when terminal window is resized
  • Terminal: Various fixes and improvements
  • Updated UI component
v4.0 Build 1080 28. February 2010
  • Fix: Terminal: Redraw issue when a underline and vertical cursor was used
  • Terminal: Added URL detection
  • Terminal: Added text search
  • Fix (Regression): Local Browser: Regression: Unable to navigate to Desktop folder
  • Fix (Regression): Remote Browser: Automatic timezone detection
v4.0 Build 1079 22. February 2010 BETA
  • Terminal Emulator (Ultimate)
    • Free for all users until 31. April 2010
  • Added integrated editor (Pro)
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Find and Replace in Files
  • Transfer Queue: Refactoring
    • Global connection pool instead of per protocol connection pool
  • New Transfer Engine (FTPLib):
    • SFTP and SSH implementation have been separated
    • New thread pool. Number of threads are constant.
  • Remote Browser: Refactoring
    • Folder enumeration is faster
    • Connection management
    • Refresh, Notifications
    • Cache management
  • FTP: Disabled automatic -T for LIST for certain servers
  • FTP: Do not send MFMT if not advertised in server's FEAT response
  • Favorites: SSH page: Added button to create certificate in Windows's certificates store
  • Favorites: Create Certificate Wizard allows the creation of certificates with DSA keys.
  • Favorites: Added [x] Show Login Dialog checkbox.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Multi part transfers
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Upload transfer limit used download speed limit setting
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: [x] Pause after transfer completed option was broken
  • Fix: FTP: Access violation due to unprotected functions
  • Fix: FTP: Transfers that timed out did never return
  • Fix: FTP: .. directory entries were not always ignored
  • Fix: Favorites: Empty Destination Folder option has been ignored
  • Fix: Remote Browser: The cache file has not been deleted on Expire Cache when Remote Browser is closed
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Synchronized refresh to avoid problems with Windows 7 multi-core aware task scheduler
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Windows 7: Wrong time in view
  • Fix: Windows 7: Opening application from pinned taskbar icon created a new group
v4.0 Build 1072 20. November 2009
  • Windows 7: Added History Jump List
  • Favorites: Added new [x] Synchronize Navigation setting to Local dialog
v4.0 Build 1071 19. November 2009
  • Remote Browser: Updated Properties dialog
  • FTP: Disabled STAT for Humax i-CORD because their STAT implementation is broken
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Monitor failed to work after all the monitored items have been manually removed
  • Added simple DDE server
  • Preview pane displays link to Source Preview Handler
v4.0 Build 1069 17. November 2009
  • Fix: FTP: Regression in GetFileSize()
  • FTP: Improved STAT parsing
v4.0 Build 1068 17. November 2009
  • Remote Browser: The [x] Remove VMS file version for files and folders option also works for SFTP connections now
  • Fix: Favorites: Move Ignore Error option General->Transfer dialog and renamed it to Skip Post Transfer Check.
v4.0 Build 1067 17. November 2009
  • Updated Transfer Engine (Greatly improves scalability)
  • Remote Browser: Copying files on same server now possible if server supports it (proftpd mod_sftp)
  • Remote Browser: Added Storage page to Properties dialog. It shows the free/used space on servers supporting it (e.g. OpenSSH 5.1+, Serv-U, proftpd mod_sftp)
  • Remote Browser: VMS: Remove version from file/folder option now applies to folders as well
  • Fix: FTP: Regression: AVBL did not return
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Regression: Adding of multiple favorites failed
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Regression: Removing items from the destination failed
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Regression: Crash when items are moved from Temporary Queue while Queue was running
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Regression: Synchronize with Delete for uploads was broken
v4.0 Build 1066 9. November 2009
  • Windows Vista+: Remote Browser: Shows security information for SFTP/SSH connection in Details pane and icon tooltip
  • Transfer Queue: Regression: Temporary Queue was broken
v4.0 Build 1065 6. November 2009
  • Windows Vista+: Remote Browser: Details pane shows connection information for root folder
  • Windows Vista+: Local Browser: Added New button to dynamic commands bar
  • Windows 7: Local Browser: Added Include in Library button to dynamic commands bar
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored monitor logic
  • Transfer Queue: Added {StartTime} and {FinishTime} variables to Email templates
  • Fix: Remote Browser: New->File through the context menu
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Start Time is now displayed
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Scheduled time was not always displayed
  • Fix: Windows 7: Local Browser: When browsing to the folders in the Favorites the view is redirected to the actual folder
v4.0 Build 1063 31. October 2009
  • Fix: Browser: Sync Navigation was broken for remote browser
  • Fix: Bug in new transfer limit implementation
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Retry delay was ignored
v4.0 Build 1062 30. October 2009
  • Transfer Queue: Added arguments input field for script.
  • Fix: Windows 7: Browser: New Folder in tree.
  • Fix: Windows 7: File extensions got lost.
v4.0 Build 1061 30. October 2009
  • Transfer Queue: Added new scripts to move the source files/folders after they have been processed.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: JScript event binding did not work. VBScript worked as expected.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Regression: Recurring operations did not reset correctly.
v4.0 Build 1060 29. October 2009
  • Updated UI component
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Regression: state vers operation state
v4.0 Build 1059 28. October 2009
  • Fix: Browser: Shellview could get corrupted in some situations
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Memory leak due to wrong item removal order
  • Fix: Windows XP: Favorites: Icon for root folder was missing
  • Fix: Windows XP: Path input box not correctly drawn
v4.0 Build 1058 26. October 2009
  • Remote Browser: Windows Vista+: Added details pane
  • Favorites Browser: Windows Vista+: Added details pane
  • Setup: Added logic for propertyschema registration
  • Preview Pane: Using COM surrogate host for preview handlers.
  • FTP: Parser now supports decoding of all GXS Information Exchange FTP Gateway long directory listing formats.
  • FTP: Parser now supports (at least one variant) of GXS Enterprise directory listing formats.
  • FTP: Implemented path handling for GXS Enterprise server.
  • FTP: New transfer limit implementation
  • Core: Clipboard monitor now longer prompts when an URL is copied from a modal dialog or its children.
  • Fix: Backup Tool: Was not able to restore backups created by the client.
  • FTP: VMS: Return value of SIZE command is ignored because it is wrong.
  • Fix: FTP: VMS: Workaround for path handling for servers supporting dual mode (Unix and VMS).
  • Multi Upload: Automatically saves the content when items are added or removed.
  • Multi Upload: Added load/save
  • Browsers: Added progress animation to path input box
  • Transfer Queue: Major refactoring:
    • Delayed/lazy creation of connections
    • Support for custom operations using scripts. See the SDK for details.
    • Leaves parent items in the transfer queue until all their children are processed.
    • Removed time formatters (*Y, etc) in destination path of transfer queue items. Use the DynamicDestination script in the SDK instead.
    • Lazy object creation reduces max object count and memory usage. Each transfer queue item uses 328 bytes of memory on x64.
    • Items with recurrence are not processed again until the current operation completes.
    • Scheduled items with no recurrence are not stuck in the queue forever.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Transfer Queue ignored ASCII list for SFTP connections.
v4.0 Build 1054 6. October 2009
  • Remote Browser: Command help text/tip is now displayed in status bar
  • Fix: Windows Vista+: Favorites Browser: Crash when pane is closed
v4.0 Build 1053 5. October 2009
  • Fix: ShellTools: Upload through the shell context menu caused the application to hang.
v4.0 Build 1052 3. October 2009
  • Favorite: Added option to export public key in OpenSSH format
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Upload->Select Files... caused a crash
v4.0 Build 1051 2. October 2009
  • Core: Regression: Re-enabled office 2007 theme workaround
  • Fix: Local Browser: Select item was displayed in context menu
  • Fix: Local Browser: Failed to open Office 2007 docx, xlsx, etc files.
v4.0 Build 1050 30. September 2009
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista+: Added Info Bar
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista+: Statusbar now shows the context menu item hint for items in the the tree control
  • Remote Browser: Windows Pre-Vista: Applying shell workarounds (function hooking) to browseui.dll only.
  • Remote Browser: Events are now sent asynchronously.
  • Remote Browser: New Info Bar.
  • Transfer Queue: Added option to keep folders recursively for move operations.
  • Core: Clipboard Monitor. Removed workaround for non-compliant clipboard participants.
  • Setup: Added maintenance reminder dialog
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Sync Navigation: When clicking on a folder item that did not exist in the tree view the application hung.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Manually aborting a background process made the application hang.
  • Fix: Windows Pre-Vista: The Desktop did flicker/redraw most of the time if a new remote browser was opened
  • Fix: Windows 7: Browsing in Libraries works now as expected
  • Fix: Bulk Rename rules template name can contain . and % now
  • Fix: Visual Compare: Issues with redraw after rename of an item
v4.0 Build 1049 20. September 2009
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Added header for special folders (Libraries)
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista/7: Added dynamic commands toolbar
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista/7: Added detail pane in the footer
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista/7: Support for Control Panel
  • FTP: Improved code page (UTF8) handling and detection. This should solve the problem with non-ASCII usernames and passwords
  • FTP: Added additional proxy type (USER proxyuser@user@host) e.g. for McAfee Web Gateway (formerly Webwasher)
  • Transfer Queue: When a schedule is changed for an item the last run time is reset and the next run time is calculated from the new settings
  • Transfer Queue: Reduced size of Transfer Queue.xml file.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Delete Folder and SetPermissions operations did not create new transfer queue items the right way (missing group id and parent)
  • Fix: Remote Browser: When moving a folder and merge is selected in the file exist dialog and no file/folder is skipped then the folder was not removed from the source
  • Fix: Splash screen now shows 4.0
  • Fix: Local Browser: Double click tried to open the file twice if the first attempt failed
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Windows Pre-Vista: Potential crash when a browser window was quickly closed right after it has been opened.
  • Fix: Favorites: Windows Pre-Vista: Statistics dialog was not correctly drawn
  • Fix: FTP: Transfer limit implementation was broken
  • Internal refactoring (removed unused code from sfPidlStorage, corrected new operator exception handling, cleanup of MFC/ATL COM mix in browser implementation)
v4.0 Build 1048 1. September 2009
  • Fix: Pre-Windows Vista: Resources were not correctly loaded for sfFTPLib.dll and sfFavorites.dll
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Failed to open images with Windows Photo Viewer
  • Fix: Visual Compare did use the wrong display name if the file extensions were hidden in the Local Browser
  • Fix: Local Browser: Last location was not always restored
  • Remote Browser: Open With/Edit With sub menu sorted now
  • Small Properties/Delete icons in history combo box are shown after a 700ms delay.
v4.0 Build 1047 30. August 2009
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Added [x] Show all folders setting to tree control
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Workaround for Libraries that were incorrectly displayed in the tree control
Version 3.0 Change Log

v4.0 Build 1193 16. June 2011
  • Browser: Refactored controls (tree/view/preview) and control hosts. 2nd iteration: Tab between controls.
  • Fix: Favorites Browser: On file operation failure an error dialog is displayed instead of the "Delete Multiple Items" confirmation dialog.
  • Fix: Regression: Browser: Selection Groups

v4.0 Build 1194 17. June 2011
  • Fix: Favorites Browser: Right-click drag&drop
  • Fix: Regression: Windows XP: Address bar in Local Browser

v4.0 Build 1199 24. June 2011
  • Favorite Browser: Dynamic Favorite main menu
  • Fix: Browser: USER handle leak
  • Fix: Telnet: Echoing/editing is enabled by default
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Move operation with drag&drop/paste
  • Updated FTP Library (CryptoAPI/CNG is now preferred over OpenSSL, new buffer chain, etc)

v4.0 Build 1200 29. June 2011
  • Favorite Browser: Using vista shell tree on Windows Vista and newer
  • Fix: Regression: Browser: Key accelerators (Ctrl+1-9) for selection groups
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: New Folder in tree control
  • SSH: Windows Vista+: Elliptic Curve Key Exchange (ECDH) and Host Keys (ECDSA) (RFC 5656)
  • Fix: Regression: Windows Vista: Crypto functions (SSH, hash) were broken

v4.0 Build 1203 30. June 2011
  • SSH: Windows Vista+: Using DH Key Exchange from BCrypt instead of openssl
  • SSH: Windows XP: Using CryptoAPI instead of openssl for RSA/DSA host keys
  • Fix: Scheduler: Actions have been triggered multiple times
  • Scheduler: Added Next Run Time column

v4.0 Build 1204 4. July 2011
  • Operating system FIPS mode is now enforced. Removed FIPS mode setting.
  • Fix: Windows XP: Regression in crypto hash helper for CryptoAPI.

v4.0 Build 1205 12. July 2011
  • Windows Vista+: SSH: Support for certificates based on CNG private keys.
  • Windows Vista+: Create Certificate wizard now creates certificates with CNG private keys (RSA, ECDSA).
  • Remote Browser: Initially browses to a virtual "Initial Folder" folder (if no initial path is set in the favorite or if the browser is not restored from the registry). Ultimately the browser will then be redirected to the real "home" folder returned by the server.
  • Favorite Browser: Windows 7: New search implementation
  • Scheduler: Rewrote file/folder monitor trigger
  • Favorites: File Encryption: Added export of AES encryption key
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Shell notify registration in tree control for multiple roots (e.g. Search folder) was broken
  • Fix: Browser: Regression in Visual Compare (Introduced in 1191)

v4.0 Build 1207 18. July 2011
  • Favorites: Windows 7+: Added protocol selection to search
  • SSH: Support for Elliptic Curve (ECDSA) private key files (e.g. from openssl/openssh).
  • File Encryption: Bundled encryption command line tool aesctr.exe with setup
  • File Encryption: Added encryption key verification
  • Internal: Removed unnecessary MUI hooks for Pre-Vista support

v4.0 Build 1209 5. August 2011
  • Windows XP: Added workaround for systems where the AppData value in the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders" registry key does not exist
  • Updated UI component
  • Filters: Added case sensitivity flag, contains, starts with, ends with to filter control (transfer->ascii/binary, proxy->exceptions, transfer->priority, shellview)
  • Filters: Selection Groups now support advanced filters
  • Fix: Regression in Bulk Rename
  • Remote Browser: Folders that are cached do no longer have a ghosted icon. The ghosted state is used to indicate that an item has been "Cut".

v4.0 Build 1210 30. August 2011
  • Fix: Tab handling in preview control
  • Fix: Folder content in Quick Folders menu were not shown
  • Fix: Local Browser: Missing items in context menu
  • Favorites: Implemented new directory watcher
  • Remote Browser: Updates in tree control

v4.0 Build 1212 7. September 2011
  • Remote Browser: Windows 7: Using native namespace tree control (improves performance and decreases memory usage)
  • Fix: Bug: 152
  • FTP: Workaround for servers (e.g. Serv-U) not sending the zlib end stream tag
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Using native preview control

v4.0 Build 1213 8. September 2011
  • Remote Browser: Windows 7: Using native preview control

v4.0 Build 1214 10. September 2011
  • Fix: Bug 153
  • Fix: Local Browser: Right-click context menu with shell extensions (e.g. DiffMerge) which do not follow the standard way of adding menu items.

v4.0 Build 1216 25. September 2011
  • Fix: Local Browser: Missing menu icons for certain shell extension context menu handlers.
  • Preview: Windows 7: Added animation during progress
  • Remote Browser: No longer resolving UNC/network paths in MRU (Most Recent Used) list in Download To... context menu
  • Updated French translation

v4.0 Build 1217 29. September 2011
  • Updated scintilla to latest version (2.29)
  • Editor: Added auto save
  • FTP: Added fail-over for servers announcing MLSD but not supporting it (mostly proxies)
  • Technical Support can now be requested directly from inside the application: menu: Help - Request Technical Support

v4.0 Build 1218 25. October 2011
  • Switched from msxml3 to msxml6
  • Text Editor: Column counter starts at 1 instead of 0 now
  • FTP: No longer using LIST parameters by default (not RFC compliant)
  • Fix: Text Editor: Line Ending (CR, CRLF) format was not persistent
  • Fix: Scheduler: File monitor was immediately triggered
  • Fix: Text Editor: Auto save setting was not serialized
  • UI: Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation

v4.0 Build 1220 28. October 2011
  • Fix: Workaround for file monitor missing some changes
  • Fix: Favorites: Deadlock in move operation
  • Updated FTP Library to 3.0

v4.0 Build 1221 5. November 2011
  • Fix: Windows XP: Closing the Remote Browser after a search caused a crash

v4.0 Build 1225 12. November 2011
  • Remote Browser: Windows Vista: Using native namespace tree control
  • Remote Browser: Temporary files created by Edit and Show Raw Listing are now cleaned up on reboot.

v4.0 Build 1227 21. December 2011
  • Settings: KeePass: Saving caused an error
  • Favorites: Delete dialog shows the correct folder type now
  • FTP: Improved VMS parser
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Drag&Drop of search results
  • Fix: Browser: Folder up in search results
  • Compatibility: Added check for Image Resizer for Windows
  • Updated UI library
  • Updated Vietnamese translation

v4.0 Build 1228 11. January 2012
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Paths containing // are not correctly saved.
  • Fix: Connect in right-click context menu in Favorites menu was broken

v4.0 Build 1229 14. January 2012
  • Fix: Delete in right-click context menu in Favorites menu was broken
  • Added check for MSXML6 at startup

v4.0 Build 1230 16. January 2012
  • Using native Uri parser and builder now
  • IE7+ is now required on Windows XP / Windows 2003. As of January 2012, IE6 is automatically updated by Windows Update.

v4.0 Build 1233 24. January 2012
  • Fix: Bug with menu and Welcome browser
  • Fix: Regression: Invalid Url
  • Moved theme resources to separate files (Themes/)

v4.0 Build 1234 30. January 2012
  • Fix: Regression: Missing sub menus

v4.0 Build 1235 15. February 2012
  • Fix: Regression: Copy URL -> HTTP
  • Fix: Regression: Favorites: Import from Plesk
  • Workaround for IE7 UriBuilder bug
  • Updated Scintilla
  • Text Editor: Added syntax styling for R (.r), D (.d), PowerShell (.ps1) and jsp (.jsp).
  • Text Editor: Added new Smart Highlight settings page.

v4.0 Build 1236 24. February 2012
  • Fix: Text Editor: Object-C lexer
  • Fix: Uri Builder
  • Metalink: Added support for HTTP and HTTPS
  • Url: Added support for absolute FTP paths in Uri (e.g. ftp://localhost/%2Froot)

v4.0 Build 1237 1. March 2012
  • Favorites: Improved url list importer
  • Transfer Queue: Improved url list importer
  • Fix: Windows XP: Regression: Delete and drag&drop in Favorites
  • Preliminary support for Windows 8 Beta

v4.0 Build 1238 11. March 2012
  • FTP: Improved AS/400 parser
  • SFTP: Fix for ecdsa-sha2-nistp521

v4.0 Build 1240 18. March 2012
  • Scheduler: The scheduler data is saved more often now

v4.0 Build 1241 7. April 2012
  • Windows 8 CP: New details pane / preview in browsers
  • Fix: Favorites: Import of legacy favorites

v4.0 Build 1242 23. April 2012
  • Windows 8 CP: New statusbar in browsers. Corrected position of details pane.
  • SmartFTP must be activated with a serial. Request Lost Serial

v4.0 Build 1243 30. April 2012
  • Favorites: Improved import for CuteFTP 8.x
  • Updated openssl

v4.0 Build 1244 3. May 2012
  • Favorites: Added setting to force path type. In particular useful for HFS (hierarchical file system) on MVS z/OS and AS/400.
  • Favorites: Path setting expects a unix style path now. The path is then converted to the remote path depending on the server type and path setting.

v4.0 Build 1245 10. May 2012
  • Fix: Help did open Windows Explorer instead of help

v4.0 Build 1247 2. June 2012
  • Updated UI component
  • Added support for Windows 8 Release Preview.
    Starting from this build Windows 8 CP is no longer supported.

v4.0 Build 1249 20. June 2012
  • Favorites: Added import for FTPExpert 1.x
  • SFTP: Added option to specify custom SFTP Server Command. E.g. sudo su -c /usr/lib/sftp-server

v4.0 Build 1250 3. July 2012
  • Transfer Filter: Added support for Size, Date modified, Date created
  • Transfer Queue: Improved the detection of the source file type (file or folder) for transfer queue items which have no file type set.

v4.0 Build 1251 5. July 2012
  • Transfer Filter: Added "Match All" type.
  • Windows XP / Windows 2003: Switched to native implementation of propsys functions

v4.0 Build 1253 17. July 2012
  • Favorites: Priority List: Added option to disable the priority list without deleting all items

v4.0 Build 1254 20. July 2012
  • Favorites: Improved import of FlashFXP 4.x sites

v4.0 Build 1255 29. July 2012
  • Favorites: Added import for Cyberduck bookmarks
  • AS/400: the SITE NAMEFMT 1 command is automatically sent