SmartFTP Client 3.0 Change Log

Version: 3.0
Development Status: EOL

v3.0 Build 1045 27. August 2009 (Final)
  • Regression: Failed to read/write SSH private/public keys
v3.0 Build 1044 27. August 2009
  • Remote Browser: If the user navigates to a folder that is not accessible, SmartFTP jumps back to the previous folder
  • Remote Browser: Added support for drag&drop from virtual zip folders
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Added support for Favorites folder/extension in tree
  • Favorites: Added PuTTY import
  • Fix: Remote Browser: If the file size is unknown it is no longer displayed as 0 in the file exist/conflict dialog
  • Fix: Windows 7: Local Browser: View mode (Small Icons) was not correctly restored
  • Fix: Favorites Browser: Search was not possible if tree control was not focused
  • Fix: Remote Browser, Favorite Browser: Invalid characters in tree control not properly implemented
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Set modify time in Properties dialog was broken
v3.0 Build 1043 23. August 2009
  • Fix: Transfer queue list controls were not filled correctly the first time SmartFTP is started
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Dead lock under some circumstances (move of folder). Bug introduced in 1036.
v3.0 Build 1042 21. August 2009
  • Fix: Regression: Session password was not stored
v3.0 Build 1041 21. August 2009
  • Fix: Regression: Crash when proxy was used
v3.0 Build 1040 20. August 2009
  • Fix: ASCII/Binary favorite property page now visible for SFTP protocol
  • Dynamically linked to openssl (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll). Note: Do not manually exchange the dlls with new versions of openssl. We use custom dlls with performance improvements and the latest fixes.
  • Fix: HTML dialogs were not displayed correctly on Pre-Windows Vista
  • Transfer Queue: Added {Source.Favorite.Name} and {Source.Favorite.Description} variables to email templates.
  • Fix: Negative file size in transfer queue control
v3.0 Build 1039 18. August 2009
  • Fix: Regression: History did not save
  • Search: Added MRU (Most Recent Used). Shared between browsers.
v3.0 Build 1038 18. August 2009
  • Fix: Windows 7: TLS Session cipher algorithm displayed as unknown
  • Fix: Windows 7: Local Browser: Shell execute/open broken for unicode paths
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: New Folder broken in tree
  • Fix: Regression: Favorites: Dead lock in FindFolder
  • soap client uses WinInet.
v3.0 Build 1037 17. August 2009
  • Language add-on install prompt shows if user preferred language is available
  • Fix: Implemented error handling in favorites shell extension file operations
  • Fix: Multi part transfers did never finish
  • Fix: Address Update Bar update dialog ignored [x] do not ask again check box
  • Removed legacy (ANSI) code parts
v3.0 Build 1036 13. August 2009
  • Improved performance for upload and delete operations of bulk transfers (100s of small files)
  • Passed Windows 7 Logo certification (Compatible with Windows 7)
  • Favorites Browser: Added right-click drag&drop menu
  • With the release of Windows 7, support for Windows 2000 has been dropped. Removed legacy code.
  • Transfer Queue: Added Item Group notification. E.g. when enabled for a scheduled item only 1 notification is sent instead of one for each item
  • Browsers: Refactored pidl format for search and multi upload.
  • Windows XP: List controls with grid enabled now mimic the same behavior as on Windows Vista
  • Fix: & in path caused problems with new file exist, confirmation dialogs.
  • Fix: OLE automation: sfFavorites::FavoritesFolder object did not support IDispatch
  • Fix: Windows 7: Shell View: IShellView leak in browsers
  • Fix: Windows 7: Shell View: Statusbar selection text
  • Fix: Improved robustness of shell notification handler
  • Fix: Pre-Windows Vista: Favorites Browser: Drag&Drop with copy action was broken
v3.0 Build 1035 18. July 2009
  • Fix: Pre-Windows Vista: Transfer Queue was not handling uploads of files/folders with a name length > MAX_PATH correctly.
  • Fix: Pre-Windows Vista: Wrong font in task dialogs (File Exist, etc).
  • Transfer Queue: Added One Way with Delete synchronization support for monitored folders.
  • Fix: SSH: FIPS mode and AES CTR
  • Remote Browser: Added Apply To to Properties dialog for CHMOD.
v3.0 Build 1034 1. July 2009
  • Fix: RMDA reply was not checked.
  • Converted remaining dialogs to XAML
  • Fix: Dynamically calculating input field width in toolbars
  • Fix: Windows 7: Drag&Drop from favorites to Multi Upload Destination view
v3.0 Build 1033 21. June 2009
  • Fix: Address bar update and Upgrade dialog did not display correctly.
v3.0 Build 1032 18. June 2009
  • Updated UI component
  • New Office 2007 White and Scenic (Windows 7) themes
  • Fix: Download of folders was broken
v3.0 Build 1031.0 17. June 2009
  • Support for unlimited number of workspaces
  • New setup
  • Using Windows Vista MUI feature. Back ported functionality to Pre-Windows Vista.
  • Task dialogs using XAML for better styling
  • Merged proxy into sfFavorites.dll
  • Fix: SSH: key generation failed
  • Fix: SmartFTP shell context menu did not display the favorites from the history
  • Fix: SSH: Public key authentication with DSA key file failed
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: If an url was in the clipboard and items were dropped into the transfer queue the url was added instead of the items.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue ignored favorite timezone settings in some situations
v3.0 Build 1027.10 26. May 2009 v3.0 Build 1027.9 21. May 2009
  • SSH: Added GSSAPI Kerberos v5 authentication (GSSAPI and Microsoft Kerberos)
  • Fix: Windows XP: Draw errors in File Exit Rules dialog.
v3.0 Build 1027.8 20. May 2009
  • SSH: Added GSSAPI Kerberos v5 authentication (requires MIT Kerberos)
  • Fix: Dead lock when deleting history items in Settings->History dialog.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Crash when monitor for items was enable when the transfer queue was in the pause state.
  • Fix: File encryption was broken when compression (zlib) was used.
  • Fix: aesctr.exe tool.
v3.0 Build 1027.7 16. May 2009
  • Fix: 64-bit: Disabled ASM implementation for AES due to errors with aes192-cbc and aes256-cbc
v3.0 Build 1027.6 15. May 2009
  • Fix: Favorites: SSH: Publicy key can be exported from certificates for which the private key usage is set to encryption instead of signing
  • SSH: Added support for arcfour128, arcfour256
v3.0 Build 1027.5 13. May 2009
  • Fix: Cosmetic fixes for history combo box
  • Fix: Windows 7: Status bar in Remote Browser
  • Fix: Windows 7: Search in search results
  • Fix: Delete operation in search results failed
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Drag&Drop from Temporary Queue was broken
  • Fix: Under some circumstances language files with non matching version numbers were loaded
v3.0 Build 1027.4 11. May 2009
  • Further improvements for RTL (Arabic and Hebrew)
v3.0 Build 1027.3 10. May 2009
  • RTL support when a RTL language is loaded
  • All dialogs are centered to their parent now
v3.0 Build 1027.2 7. May 2009
  • Added 2 buttons for delete/properties in the main address bar history combo box
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Transfer Filter was broken
v3.0 Build 1027.1 6. May 2009
  • Browser Breadcrumb: Added right click context menu
  • SSH: Added support for user authentication with certificates in Personal Certificate Store (e.g. Smart card)
v3.0 Build 1027.0 30. April 2009
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Under some special circumstances the transfer queue failed to start
  • Added FIPS 140-2 option. menu: Tools->Settings then Connection dialog
v3.0 Build 1026.35 29. April 2009
  • Fix: Backup Tool: Favorites were not restored correctly
  • Fix: Windows 7 RC: Missing icons in Transfer Queue, Remote Browser travel log
v3.0 Build 1026.33 26. April 2009
  • Updated openssl.
  • Fix: Favorites: Bookmarks were not restored
  • Transfer Queue: Email notifications can be sent through SMTPS (secure smtp) now. E.g. Gmail
v3.0 Build 1026.32 18. April 2009
  • Fix: Favorites Browser: Folder was not added in tree when a new folder was added to a folder with no children.
  • Transfer Queue: Added hard limit of 1 MB for transfer queue item in-memory log (file log has no limit).
  • Favorites: Reduced size of favorite files (xml) by 40% in average
  • Favorites Browser: Added MRU to address bar
  • Transfer Queue: Added ability to use custom templates for email notifications
  • Setup: Launch SmartFTP check box is no longer displayed if a reboot is pending
v3.0 Build 1026.31 10. April 2009
  • Favorites Browser: Added address bar.
v3.0 Build 1026.30 7. April 2009
  • Favorites: Plesk Import: Web User accounts are now imported as well.
  • SFTP: Read directory fix for protocol version 6.
  • Fix: Favorites: Delete was not working recursively.
v3.0 Build 1026.29 6. April 2009
  • Fix: Favorites: Dead lock under some circumstances.
v3.0 Build 1026.28 5. April 2009
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Intelligent folder monitor was broken
v3.0 Build 1026.27 4. April 2009 v3.0 Build 1026.26 2. April 2009
  • Fix: Favorites: No notifications were sent. E.g. view did not update after import
  • Favorites: DreamHost import uses new API now.
  • Favorites: Added import for cPanel users (works with any web hosting provider using cPanel). See the KB: How To import users accounts from cPanel
  • Favorites: Deleted favorites are moved to the Recyle Bin.
  • Fix: Backup Tool: Restore of Favorites was broken
  • Fix: Zip/Unzip: Added support for Unicode filenames and comments
v3.0 Build 1026.25 31. March 2009
  • Local Browser: Added support for environment variables (e.g. %appdata%) in address bar.
  • Favorite Properties: Pages are dynamically added/removed depending on the selected protocol
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: FXP file transfers if the source file cannot be found
  • Browsers: Asynchronous enumeration of items in crumb bar popups
  • Favorites: Added import for DreamHost users. See KB: How To import users from DreamHost
  • Fix: SFTP: Last modified time of remote files was not set correctly for SFTP protocol version <= 3
v3.0 Build 1026.24 22. March 2009
  • Refactored list enumerators. Results in slightly lower memory and cpu usage.
v3.0 Build 1026.23 21. March 2009
  • Transfer Queue: Intelligent Folder Monitor. Only changed files and new files/folders are processed.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Crash when using the Remote Edit function.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Folder Monitor was not monitoring the folder recursively
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Under some circumstances (initial folder and data connection fail-over) sub folders were filled with the content of the root folder
v3.0 Build 1026.21 17. March 2009
  • FTP: Data transfers protected by SSL/TLS reuse the control connection SSL session.
  • Fix: Favorites Browser: Moving files from the shellview to a folder in the same shellview resulted in a copy operation
v3.0 Build 1026.20 16. March 2009
  • Transfer Queue: If both favorites the move operation results in an atomic move (rename) instead of a copy operation followed by delete.
  • Transfer Queue: Added customize dialog for toolbar. Added KBps/Worker button to customizable buttons
  • Fix: Windows XP: Drag&Drop from Favorites Browser to Multi Upload
  • Fix: SFTP: Set of remote file time/date for SFTP protocol >= 4
v3.0 Build 1026.19 12. March 2009
  • Browsers: New advanced filter for view
  • Fix: Windows 2000: Favorites: Statistics are correctly serialized now.
  • Fix: Favorites: Favorite folder was not selectable in Quick Connect and Import/Export dialog.
  • Fix: Favorites: Drag&Drop of favorites from Favorites Browser to Multi Upload Destination window.
v3.0 Build 1026.18 9. March 2009
  • Fix: Favorites Shell Extension: Favorite Statistics got lost when favorite was moved/copied.
v3.0 Build 1026.17 9. March 2009
  • Fix: Favorites: Communication to application failed under some circumstances.
v3.0 Build 1026.16 8. March 2009
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Disconnect toolbar button was not available for SFTP connections.
v3.0 Build 1026.15 5. March 2009
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Ins behavior in shellview was not correct when a folder was selected.
  • Favorites: Added environment variable expansion for the Local->Local Folder setting.
  • FTP: Added support for VMS ODS-5 long file names
v3.0 Build 1026.13 3. March 2009
  • Fix: Under some circumstances old resource files were loaded. This was the cause of problems with the favorites customer reported.
v3.0 Build 1026.12 2. March 2009
  • Transfer Queue: Added option to prevent the system to hibernate/sleep as long as a transfer is running.
  • SFTP: Implemented RSA Key Exchange (rsa1024sha1)
  • Transfer Queue: Transfer Filters are only applied during directory enumeration
v3.0 Build 1026.11 27. February 2009
  • Local Browser: The path input box now displays an error message if the folder doesn't exist.
  • Remote Browser: Window title can now be customized. See Advanced Settings.
v3.0 Build 1026.9 26. February 2009 - Important
  • Fix: Docking panes (transfer queue, multi upload, speed) in container were not selectable with left mouse button.
v3.0 Build 1026.8 26. February 2009
  • Bulk Rename: Added trim rule.
v3.0 Build 1026.7 25. February 2009
  • Fix: Bulk Rename: The counter for auto numbering was increased for non matching items.
v3.0 Build 1026.6 22. February 2009
  • Fix: Enter key was broken in tree's edit control.
  • Remote Browser: SSL/TLS protocol version is displayed in the tooltip of the connection icon in the statusbar.
v3.0 Build 1026.4 22. February 2009 - BETA
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Initial path was ignored.
  • Remote Browser: Better data connection mode (PORT/PASV) fail-over.
v3.0 Build 1026.3 17. February 2009 - BETA
  • Visual Compare: Added option to ignore case sensitivity of file names.
  • Updated UI component.
v3.0 Build 1026.2 10. February 2009 - BETA
  • Fix: Local Browser: Drag&Drop from Remote Browser to Desktop item in the tree control was broken.
v3.0 Build 1026.1 9. February 2009 - BETA
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Local folder delete function was broken.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Bug in file/folder conflict logic.
v3.0 Build 1025.26 29. January 2009 - BETA
  • Fix: URL Watcher: When set to Connect it did not work.
  • If the single instance option is enabled the command line is passed to the existing instance.
  • Windows Vista: Local Browser: New advanced search
v3.0 Build 1025.24 14. January 2009 - BETA
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Files uploaded to the root folder (/) were not correctly updated in the view.
  • Transfer Queue: Support for uploads with path lengths > MAX_PATH
  • FTP: Added support for Information Exchange (IE) FTP Gateway (from GXS formerly owned by IBM)
v3.0 Build 1025.23 10. January 2009 - BETA
  • Favorites: Added Connect All function to favorite folder context menu in favorites menu.
v3.0 Build 1025.22 9. January 2009 - BETA
  • Bulk Rename: Added [ ] Apply to selection option
  • Fixed: SFTP: Fix for SSH servers sending welcome lines before the remote identification
v3.0 Build 1025.21 6. January 2009 - BETA
  • The tool tip for the MDI window in the tab bar now shows the full path
  • Fixed: Serialization for bulk rename did not preserve white spaces
  • Transfer Queue: Scheduled items show next run time
  • Bulk Rename: Reworked dialogs
v3.0 Build 1025.20 3. January 2009 - BETA
  • SFTP: Workaround for GXS SSHD
  • Fix: sftp:// URLs were not recognized in the address bar
v3.0 Build 1025.19 2. January 2009 - BETA
  • Bulk Rename: Dialog is now resizable
  • Bulk Rename: Differences are visually displayed
  • FTP: Remote file hash calculation is now serialized on a per favorite basis. Meaning file hash requests are queued.
v3.0 Build 1025.18 29. December 2008 - BETA
  • sfShellTools: Fixed Add to temporary Queue (bug introduced in 1025.16)
  • Bulk Rename now available in Local and Remote browsers
  • History: Empty or invalid history items are now longer loaded
  • Remote Browser: Transparent thumbnails have correct background now
  • Remote Browser: Fixed bug where the thumbnail generation could not be aborted
v3.0 Build 1025.17 24. December 2008 - BETA (XMAS release)
  • Fixed couple of bugs in 1025.16
v3.0 Build 1025.16 23. December 2008 - BETA (Not for production use!)
  • Browsers: Added Bulk Rename Tool
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored TransferQueueItems class
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored recursive delete operation
  • Added Keep Create Time option in the Transfer->Files favorite properties dialog
v3.0 Build 1025.15 16. December 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: Added workaround for AS400 IFS
v3.0 Build 1025.11 15. December 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: Fixed race condition
v3.0 Build 1025.8 14. December 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: Further changes to handle path lengths > MAX_PATH
  • Transfer Queue: Added hack for z/OS hybrid mode (HFS/MVS)
v3.0 Build 1025.7 12. December 2008 - BETA
  • Windows 2000: Transfer Queue Control: Draw problems
v3.0 Build 1025.7 12. December 2008 - BETA
  • Windows 2000: Transfer Queue Control: Draw problems
  • Fixed: Unspecified bugs introduced in .6
v3.0 Build 1025.6 12. December 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue Control: Further performance improvements
  • FTP Parser: Performance improvements
  • Remote Browser: Abort timezone detection if server returns invalid date/time information
  • Remote Browser: Filter works in Recyle Bin virtual folder
v3.0 Build 1025.5 10. December 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Windows XP 64-bit: Broken context menu in tree
  • Fixed: Windows 2000: Favorites Browser: Rename and new folder in shellview
  • Transfer Queue: Optimized priority list sorting algo (From O (n^2 * log(n)) to O (n * log(n))
  • Transfer Queue: Download: Fixed problem with local paths >= MAX_PATH
  • Overall performance improvements
v3.0 Build 1025.4 7. December 2008 - BETA
  • Windows 2000: Improved performance for enumeration in browsers (Remote Browser, Local Browser, Favorites Browser)
  • Windows 2000: Sort/Compare in browsers is working again
  • Fixed: Favorite Properties: Timezone setting did not save
  • Remote Browser: More optimizations for expensive notification functions which results in lower CPU usage for delete/upload operations
  • FTP: Improved error handling for data transfers.
  • Transfer Queue: Items with an empty source or destination path are no longer processed.
  • Transfer Queue: Better error handling for local destination paths that are greater than MAX_PATH chars
  • Refactored ShellWrapper class
v3.0 Build 1025.3 4. December 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Crash on exit introduced in Build 1025
v3.0 Build 1025.2 4. December 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Post transfer check (size check) was ignored when the server disconnected the client
  • Fixed: Windows 2000: Context menu in tree control is back.
v3.0 Build 1025.1 3. December 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: View->Toolbars->Filter now back in Local Browser
  • Rewrote Favorites Browser (Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites);- Folder pane can be closed/hidden now;- No more desktop.ini dependency
  • Remote Browser: Reduced CPU usage for upload/delete operations.
  • Major code refactoring
  • FTP: HOST command is no longer sent
v3.0 Build 1024.35 27. November 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Crash in Favorites window
v3.0 Build 1024.34 27. November 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: FTP: CSID parser
  • New regexp engine
  • Fixed: SFTP: Resolve host function did not return on error
v3.0 Build 1024.33 25. November 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Drop folder didn't like files/folders from the Desktop
  • Remote Browser: Internal refactoring
v3.0 Build 1024.32 23. November 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Memory leak in shell notify
  • FTP: Workaround for memory leak in Windows XP's secur32.dll/crypt32.dll. Windows 2003 or higher does not suffer from this problem.
v3.0 Build 1024.30 21. November 2008 - BETA
  • Updated GUI component
  • Remote Browser: Search results are purged when the browser window is closed
  • Transfer Queue: Instantly retries the transfer if server does not allow resume.
v3.0 Build 1024.28 20. November 2008
  • Remote Browser: If the server returns the create file time it is now available in the properties dialog.
  • Transfer Queue: Fixed memory leak
v3.0 Build 1024.27 18. November 2008
  • Transfer Queue: When [ ] Reuse connection option is disabled the connections are now gracefully closed.
v3.0 Build 1024.25 16. November 2008
  • Fixed: Various bugs in Backup Tool.
v3.0 Build 1024.23 14. November 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Bug introduced in .22.
v3.0 Build 1024.22 14. November 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Bug introduced in .19.
  • FTP: Added support for Thomson Grass Valley
v3.0 Build 1024.19 11. November 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: Duplicates are now longer added.
  • Favorites Shell Extension: Fixed possible crash with orphaned desktop.ini.
  • Remote Browser: Added visual compare selection
v3.0 Build 1024.18 7. November 2008 - BETA
  • New Office 2007 Black, Aqua and Silve theme.
  • Transfer Queue: Added [x] Synchronize times with different timezones option
v3.0 Build 1024.17 5. November 2008 - BETA
  • Remote Browser: Improved synchronized browsing.
  • Remote Browser: Path input field is now enabled during operations.
  • SFTP: Added password change request dialog
v3.0 Build 1024.16 2. November 2008 - BETA
  • FTP: DOS listing decoder updated.
  • FTP: Changed CCC implementation.
v3.0 Build 1024.15 29. October 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Thumbnail problem in Local Browser.
v3.0 Build 1024.14 29. October 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: No more size checks for VOS systems.
  • FTP: Fixed decoding of listings with GB3131 encoded dates
v3.0 Build 1024.13 27. October 2008 - BETA
  • Remote Browser: Natural sort is now always case insensitive.
  • Fixed: sfShellTools.dll version number was not increased.
v3.0 Build 1024.12 27. October 2008 - BETA
  • FTP: Added VOS path handling.
v3.0 Build 1024.11 26. October 2008 - BETA
  • SFTP: ACSII conversation is skipped if the server's EOL equals the local EOL (\r\n).
  • Transfer Queue: Removed KBps/Worker input field in toolbar. It is still available in the menu: Tools->Settings->Queue dialog.
  • FTP: Fixed VOS list decoder bug
  • Transfer Queue: Added advanced schedule feature
v3.0 Build 1024.9 21. October 2008 - BETA
  • SFTP: Added support for check-file extension.
  • Favorite Properties: FTP->KeepAlive dialog cleaned up
v3.0 Build 1024.8 20. October 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: FTP/SFTP: Timeout was divided by 10
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Local Browser: Back function was broken under some conditions.
v3.0 Build 1024.7 17. October 2008 - BETA
  • FTP: Sending HOST command for Microsoft FTP service
  • Added copy function to file exist rules control
  • Browsers: Fixed coloring for encrypted/compressed files/folders
  • Remote Browser: Command Line and Search input box is no longer disabled while an operation is in progress
  • Favorites: Added option to import SmartFTP favorites from a folder containing xml files
v3.0 Build 1024.6 15. October 2008 - BETA
  • FTP: If MDTM fails once it will no longer used for the automatic timezone detection.
  • Remote Browser: Auto complete is now working correctly in the command line.
  • FTP: List decoder can now decode GB2313 encoded listings
v3.0 Build 1024.5 15. October 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: App hang with command line input box.
  • Fixed: Race condition in unix directory parser.
  • FTP: Under certain conditions SmartFTP stops sending MDTM for timezone detection.
v3.0 Build 1024.4 14. October 2008 - BETA
  • FTP: Added setting to set commands that are sent to the server after login.
v3.0 Build 1024.3 14. October 2008 - BETA
  • SSH: Added support for new MACs: and ripemd160
  • SSH: Added new option to switch to None encryption after authentication (openssh-hpn)
  • SFTP: Massively improved transfer performance for downloads over high BDP connections.
v3.0 Build 1024.1 11. October 2008 - BETA
  • FTP: Added support for CKSM command.
  • Favorites: Full path names are now available for the Transfer->Filters.
  • Favorites: Transfer->Filters is no longer applied to the destination if the One Way - With Delete synchronization method is used.
v3.0 Build 1024.0 9. October 2008 - BETA
  • Auto Tuning for Send and Receive Buffer.
v3.0 Build 1023.1 28. September
  • Remote Browser: Reworked the Login or Address Bar Update dialog.
v3.0 Build 1023.0 27. September
  • Favorites: New option to prompt for private key pass-phrase in the SFTP->SSH dialog.
  • Remote Browser: SFTP: Owner and Group names are now extracted from the long directory listing for SFTP protocol version 3
v3.0 Build 1022.44 26. September
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Drag&Drop from Internet Security Zone.
v3.0 Build 1022.42 25. September
  • Transfer Queue: Memory and performance optimizations.
v3.0 Build 1022.41 25. September
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Bug introduced in .40.
v3.0 Build 1022.40 25. September - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: Reduced memory usage for Transfer Queue Items.
  • IMPORTANT: This version has a serious bug. Update to the latest version
v3.0 Build 1022.39 24. September
  • FTP: Added automatic timezone offset detection.
v3.0 Build 1022.38 22. September.
  • FTP: Added support for XSHA256.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Fixed memory leaks.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: [x] Do this for all conflicts did not work if user selected Use Automatic Rules.
v3.0 Build 1022.36 19. September
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Improved Search performance
  • Transfer Queue: The manual Process function immediately processes a scheduled item now
  • Transfer Queue: Folder items inherit the OverwriteAction property to their childs.
v3.0 Build 1022.35 18. September - BETA
  • Fix: FTP: Priority list and skip filter were not applied for server to server (FXP) transfers.
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored parent/child relation with the goal to improve performance
v3.0 Build 1022.33 17. September
  • FTP: Forced disable of SITE UTIME for PureFTPd.
  • FTP: Improved passive/port fail-over mechanism.
v3.0 Build 1022.32 17. September
  • Fix: Remote Browser: If double click option is set to None, no action will be performed.
  • SFTP: Added support for compression after authentication (
v3.0 Build 1022.31 16. September - BETA
  • Fix: Unhandled exception on Windows 2000.
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored depencies and children of transfer queue items.
v3.0 Build 1022.30 15. September - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: Added Save Copy To... which saves the transfer queue to a file but doesn't change the path.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: When loading monitored items they were automatically processed.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Reference to child is removed from transfer queue parent item when child is removed from transfer queue.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Transfer progress for multi part transfers was incorrect.
v3.0 Build 1022.27 12. September
  • Transfer Queue: No longer sends unnecessary CWD commands for MVS.
v3.0 Build 1022.24 11. September
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Monitor Folder: One Way Synchronization with Delete monitors delete file and delete folder actions as well.
  • Enter License Key button added to Maintenance expiration dialog.
v3.0 Build 1022.23 10. September
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: One Way Synchronization with Delete failed if the folder did not exist.
v3.0 Build 1022.22 9. September
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Correct capture problem when pane was selected.
  • Transfer Queue: Items in progress now only update once per second.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Progress for stalled items is correctly displayed now.
v3.0 Build 1022.21 7. September
  • Remote Browser: Improved active/passive fail-over.
v3.0 Build 1022.20 6. September
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Multi Part Transfer did not save correct section state.
v3.0 Build 1022.19 5. September
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Download arrow is now active if the destination is the Desktop.
  • Multi Pane: No longer selected by default.
  • Fix: Icons in about dialog have a transparent background now.
v3.0 Build 1022.18 4. September
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Sporadic refresh and flicker when Google Desktop indexer was running.
v3.0 Build 1022.17 4. September
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Restore caused access violation in some situations.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Refresh did not refresh the view when the shell view has been redirected (common with SFTP connections)
v3.0 Build 1022.16 3. September
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Wrong theme for titles.
  • Added Enter License Key... button to trial dialog
v3.0 Build 1022.15 1. September
  • Transfer Queue: Small fix in get file item function for servers running on Windows_NT.
v3.0 Build 1022.12 31. August
  • Remote Browser: Fixed race condition.
v3.0 Build 1022.11 30. August
  • Transfer Queue: Fixed unhandled exception saving the queue.
v3.0 Build 1022.10 29. August
  • Transfer Queue: Recurrent items (Monitored Folders, Items with Recurrence) do no longer add duplicate items.
  • Transfer Queue: Fixed access violation when editing files
v3.0 Build 1022.8 28. August
  • Transfer Queue: Added [x] do not delete folder option to the transfer queue item properties. This prevents the folder from being deleted for a move/delete operation.
v3.0 Build 1022.7 27. August
  • Transfer Queue: Email: Added option to include log file in emails
  • Transfer Queue: Email: Added {Operation} and {Synchronization} variables. More details...
  • Transfer Queue: Email: Added more information to the Email template
  • Multi Upload: Full row select / grid now enabled by default
v3.0 Build 1022.5 25. August
  • SFTP: Added client side ASCII conversation
  • Fix: File Encryption
v3.0 Build 1022.4 23. August
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Pane is correctly arranged now
v3.0 Build 1022.2 21. August
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Multi Upload was not working properly
v3.0 Build 1022.1 20. August - BETA
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Del key in views.
  • Fix: Multi Upload: Windows XP: Drag&Drop from root folder to Destination.
  • Fix: Case conversation settings did not save
v3.0 Build 1022.0 20. August - BETA
  • Pro Version: Added Multi Upload feature. Upload files and folders to multiple servers with 1 click.
  • Favorites: Added import for FireFTP sites.
v3.0 Build 1021.17 - 18. August
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Email notifications when logging was enabled.
v3.0 Build 1021.16 - 18. August
  • Favorites: Added password decryption for Core FTP.
  • Added settings for transfer status message templates when SmartFTP is minimized. More information here:
  • Transfer Queue: Email notifications use their own connection now
v3.0 Build 1021.15 - 16. August
  • Favorites: Added password decryption for Total Commander (ex. Windows Commander).
  • Favorites: Added password decryption for FTP Rush.
  • Fix: MVS path handling.
v3.0 Build 1021.13 - 7. August
  • FTPS Implicit: PORT fail over if server does not support it.
v3.0 Build 1021.12 - 6. August
  • Windows XP: Full row selection is enabled again if [x] Enable Grid in Local and Remote Browser is enabled.
  • FTP: Ignoring SIZE reply from the Windows_NT FTP service.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Failure if authentication = auto was selected and the SMTP server requires no login.
v3.0 Build 1021.11 - 5. August
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Shell execute in Local Browser uses the current selected folder now.
  • Windows XP: Better cache handling for thumbnails. They are now automatically updated when new files are uploaded or during a manual refresh of the folder.
  • Transfer Queue: Corrected some issues with the SMTP mailer.
v3.0 Build 1021.10 - 3. August
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Dead lock when shellview in thumbnail mode was restored.
v3.0 Build 1021.8 - 1. August - BETA
  • Fixed: Esc key did not cancel the Do you want to close the application prompt.
  • Favorites: Added import for FileZilla 3.0 sites.
  • Arrows in the middle bar were disabled if the Desktop was selected in the Local Browser.
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Thumbnail view for Remote Browser.
v3.0 Build 1021.7 - 30. July
  • Remote Browser: Novell NetWare paths starting with double slash (//) are differently represented in the tree structure now.
  • Fixed: FFFTP sites import.
v3.0 Build 1021.6 - 29. July
  • Added workaround for Tumbleweed SecureTransport AUTH bug.
v3.0 Build 1021.5 - 29. July
  • Favorites: Added import for FFFTP sites (from registry).
  • Favorites: Added import for CoreFTP sites (from registry).
  • Fixed: 64-bit Version: Detection for pre-installed editors.
  • Fixed: 64-bit Version: Detection for sites/favorites files in the Favorites Import dialog.
v3.0 Build 1021.4 - 26. July
  • Transfer Queue: Added Process function to context menu to force retry or to force a monitored item to be processed.
v3.0 Build 1021.3 - 25. July
  • Fix: Problems with .0.
v3.0 Build 1021.0 - 24. July
  • Edit and View/Open uses different temporary folders now.
  • FTP: ACCT password is not longer exposed in the log
  • Remote Browser: Renamed Use Automatic Rules to Synchronize using Automatic Rules
  • Added favorites in history to shell context menu
  • Remote Browser: Added Favorite Properties to Favorites menu
  • Transfer Queue: Added Monitor File/Folder and Process and Monitor File/Folder option.
v3.0 Build 1020.4 - 22. July
  • Improved resume logic when the transfer was aborted right before the actual data transfer started.
  • Fixed: Drag&Drop from Windows Search to Remote Browser.
v3.0 Build 1020.3 - 15. July
  • Workaround for NetWare PWD bug.
v3.0 Build 1020.2 - 12. July
  • Now only the UI states of active MDI windows are updated.
  • Added Beep to on transfer queue complete events
v3.0 Build 1020.0 - 11. July - BETA
  • Updated UI component
  • Fix: Transfer status when minimized did not show uploads
v3.0 Build 1019.15 - 11. July
  • Further changes to lower CPU usage
v3.0 Build 1019.13 - 10. July
  • Fixed: Lower CPU usage in idle state
v3.0 Build 1019.11 - 8. July
  • Fixed: Crash on exit introduced in .7
v3.0 Build 1019.10 - 8. July
  • Windows Vista: Workaround for Windows Vista permission problem. This solves the problem where drag&drop wouldn't do anything. This does not fix the underlying issue with your operating system (registry permission problem).
v3.0 Build 1019.9 - 8. July
  • SFTP: Multi part transfers did not finish correctly.
v3.0 Build 1019.8 - 4. July
  • Remote Browser: Auto Rename added.
  • SFTP: Fixed bug with resume and protocol version 5.
v3.0 Build 1019.7 - 3. July
  • SFTP: Fixed bug with time.
  • New auto activation method. License key is automatically installed without any user intervention.
v3.0 Build 1019.6 - 2. July
  • Remote Browser: Replaced Safe Mode button with menu.
  • Transfer Queue: Added Message Box (Timer) On Transfer Queue Complete event.
v3.0 Build 1019.5 - 1. July
  • Remote Browser: Windows 2000: Folder was recognized as file
  • Favorites Browser: Windows 2000: Some workaround for Windows 2000 bugs.
  • Transfer Queue: Added Message Box and Popup in Systray On Transfer Queue Complete events.
v3.0 Build 1019.4 - 1. July
  • Fix: Auto Rename for files when uploading.
v3.0 Build 1019.3 - 1. July
  • Remote Browser: Visual Compare: Precision of time comparison depends on server now.
v3.0 Build 1019.2 - 27. June
  • Fix: Auto Rename
  • Auto Rename and Case Conversation features work for folders now
v3.0 Build 1019.1 - 27. June - BETA
  • Fix: Transfer Filter feature was broken in 3.0.1019.0
v3.0 Build 1019.0 - 27. June - BETAv3.0 Build 1018.4 - 26. June
  • Fix: Drag&drop from Temporary Queue to Remote Browser.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Small draw problem in Search dialog on Windodws XP with classic theme.
  • Remote Browser: Auto Arrange is now always enabled on Windows XP to fix sort problem.
v3.0 Build 1018.3 - 24. June
  • Added any scope to transfer filter (Favorite Settings. Then Transfer->Filter dialog).
  • Fix: Transfer failed when skip filter was disabled.
v3.0 Build 1018.2 - 24. June
  • FTP: Improved Hash value detection from XCRC, XSHA, XMD5 replies.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Case sensitive natural sort was wrong.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: 24h time format was forced.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Wrong styles (Full row select) on Windows XP.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Crash when changing the permissions of a folder and its files/sub folders
v3.0 Build 1018.1 - 19. June
  • Remote Browser: Visual Compare: The last modified time of folders is ignored.
  • Fix: SFTP: Bug with upgrade of protocol version.
v3.0 Build 1018.0 - 19. June
  • Remote Browser: Set file time of files/folders (aka Touch) through the Properties dialog.
  • Remote Browser: Visual compare. For more details go to Visual Compare
  • FTP: Changed the behavior how STAT replies are handled
v3.0 Build 1017.1 - 15. June
  • Remote Browser: Added support for virtual source for drag&drop operations. E.g. you can now directly upload files inside of zip/rar folders. Or you can upload an email from Outlook directly to the server.
v3.0 Build 1017.0 - 15. June
  • Remote Browser: Improved performance for delete/move file/folder operations.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Preview was not working reliable.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Sort was not always correct.
  • Remote Browser: Added option to Settings: General->Navigation dialog to control how delete, setpermission, open/view/print/play operations are handled (Remote Browser or Transfer Queue).
  • SmartFTP is no longer free to use. Please read the end-user license agreement for details
v3.0 Build 1016.19 - 11. June
  • Fixed: Favorites: Multi root shared folders.
v3.0 Build 1016.18 - 10. June
  • Remote Browser: %fa and %fd no longer quote file names with spaces. Added %faq, %fdq which quote the file names if they contain spaces.
  • Remote Browser: Preview shows Transfer in progress status message.
v3.0 Build 1016.17 - 5. June
  • Remote Browser: Added all commands to items in the search results.
  • Remote Browser: Bookmarks can be deleted through the menu.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: LIST is possible in keep alive commands again.
v3.0 Build 1016.16 - 2. June
  • Fix: SFTP: Encrypted PEM private keys couldn't be loaded.
v3.0 Build 1016.15 - 1. June
  • Fix: Custom Commands: %fa and %fd use file names instead of full paths now.
  • Fix: Custom Commands: Parser problem.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: File time was not set as exact when being extracted from MLST reply.
v3.0 Build 1016.14 - 31. May
  • Fix: Remote Browser: SmartFTP ignored the Username/Password entered into the Login dialog for SFTP connections.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Paths in custom commands are no longer quoted if they contain no spaces.
v3.0 Build 1016.13 - 25. May
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: File size displayed as Unknown for enumerated files.
  • Remote Browser: Added support for relative paths
  • Remote Browser: Preview displays File size limit reach instead of No Preview is available if the file is larger than the max file size specified in the background transfer settings.
  • Fix: Dead lock in Preview Pane introduced in .24.
v3.0 Build 1016.12 - 25. May
  • Fix: SSL/TLS Cert wizard was not able to create exportable private keys.
  • Transfer Queue: Added more error messages.
v3.0 Build 1016.11 - 24. May
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Number of items in status bar was incorrect for large folders.
  • Remote Browser: Rewrote preview code.
  • Remote Browser: Preview displays Background Transfers disabled instead of No Preview is available if the user disabled background transfers in the settings.
Addons - 24. Mayv3.0 Build 1016.10 - 22. May
  • Fix: Favorites: Windows XP 64-bit: Crash when favorites were moved.
v3.0 Build 1016.9 - 22. May
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Fixed bug with Explore function.
  • Remote Browser: File/folders that are being cut are now greyed out.
  • Fix: Favorites: Windows XP: All notification problems are fixed now.
v3.0 Build 1016.7 - 18. May
  • Remote Browser: Optimized the way file information are retrieved (size, time, permissions, owner, group).
  • Remote Browser: Name is now displayed in tooltip if the column cuts it off.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Statusbar now correctly updates the total number of items after a refresh.
  • Fixed: Favorites: Windows XP: Folders that have been moved were not deleted from the tree.
v3.0 Build 1016.6 - 17. May
  • Fixed: Favorites: Copy of favorite resulted in a move operation.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Using Schedule context menu function did not initialize the General page correctly.
v3.0 Build 1016.5 - 16. May
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Multi item multi-part setting change did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Custom Commands: Were applied to the root folder instead of the selected items.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Downloads: Resume when the destination file was empty.
  • Changed: Better exception handling.
v3.0 Build 1016.3 - 12. May
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Various fixes introduced in .2.
  • New: Transfer Queue: Email: On Transfer Queue Item Failure event.
  • New: Transfer Queue: Added support for resume when switching from single part transfers to multi part transfers.
  • New: Remote Browser: Added advanced search.
v3.0 Build 1016.2 - 12. May BETA
  • Fixed: SearchFolderClass folder should now longer appear on the desktop.
  • Fixed: Broken key accelerators in Transfer Queue List control.
  • Transfer Queue: Completed internal code refactoring.
v3.0 Build 1016.1 - 8. May BETA
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Ctrl+R accelerator
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Ctrl+A accelerator
  • New: Remote Browser: Fully integrated search
v3.0 Build 1016.0 - 6. May
  • SFTP: Added Code Page selection in the favorite settings
  • SFTP: If the client detects a non UTF8 encoded string it will switch to compatibility mode to support UTF8 unfriendly SSH servers (e.g. OpenSSH).
  • SFTP: Added Protocol Version selection in the favorite settings
  • SFTP: Default Protocol Version is 6 now
v3.0 Build 1015.6 - 5. May
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Ascii extensions in the settings were ignored.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Dynamic timeout for hash calculation is now correctly calculated.
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Columns were no saved/restored.
  • Fix: Shell Context Menu: Path was duplicated.
v3.0 Build 1015.5 - 2. May
  • Fix: Settings->Language dialog showed Wrong Parameter error if another language than English was selected.
  • SFTP: Folder is now created regardless of return value of the Resolving directory function
v3.0 Build 1015.4 - 1. May
  • Fix: Settings->Language dialog didn't select the correct language.
  • SFTP: Workaround for servers (OpenSSH) not encoding the filenames in UTF8.
  • Remote Browser: Added new Size (Bytes) column.
v3.0 Build 1015.2 - 1. May
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: File exist check for New File/New Folder was broken.
  • Settings: Language dialog now shows all available languages from the website.
v3.0 Build 1015.1 - 29. April
  • Fixed: Favorites View: Extra large icons.
v3.0 Build 1015.0 - 29. April
  • Fixed: Drop Folder feature on Windows Vista and Windows XP 64-bit.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Download of symbolic links to files if the server supports STAT.
  • Main Frame: Port is automatically changed in the address bar when the protocol is changed
  • Fixed: Update Check: SmartFTP 64-bit version offered 32-bit version in the update check.
  • Transfer Queue: The number of multi part workers can now be set from 2 to 32.
  • FTP: UTF8 is now enabled by default if the code page is set to auto and the server reports UTF8 in the FEAT reply
  • Fixed: Local Browser: Windows XP: Some problems when folders are moved from one Local Browser to another
v3.0 Build 1014.7 - 28. April
  • Fixed: Executing SmartFTP with a command resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Various problems with the task dialogs.
v3.0 Build 1014.6 - 27. April
  • Transfer Queue: Added support for multi item edit for Properties -> Advanced settings.
  • Fixed: Favorites View: Import/Export/Search crashed when tree/folder view was not enabled.
  • Fixed: Backup Tool: Did not recognize backups from version 3.0.
v3.0 Build 1014.4 - 25. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Notification system was broken if the Favorites window was opened before any other windows.
v3.0 Build 1014.3 - 25. April
  • FTP: Added support for CSID command
v3.0 Build 1014.2 - 25. April
  • Remote Browser: Free space information works now for multi rooted servers. (e.g. Serv-U 7.0)
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Possible crash when editing the same file multiple times
v3.0 Build 1014.1 - 24. April
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Problems with API hooks
  • Remote Browser: Displays drive labels and type if server supports MLST Win32.dl/Win32.dt facts (e.g. Serv-U 7.0)
  • Added: Message box to attach debugger if HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP\Client 2.0 ShowDebugMessage is set to 0x1.
v3.0 Build 1014.0 - 23. April
  • Remote Browser: Added free space support for servers supporting the AVBL command (e.g. Serv-U 7.0)
  • Transfer Queue: Added file encryption (AES 128-bit/192-bit/256-bit CTR).
  • Remote Browser: New File function checks if there is already a file with the same name on the server.
  • Remote Browser: Rename checks for existing files/folders with the same name.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Queue animation is no longer displayed if the user skips all files and nothing is added to the Transfer Queue.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: SFTP: Zero byte files are not created when downloaded
  • Updated GUI library. Corrects many cosmetic issues
v3.0 Build 1013.8 - 20. April
  • Fixed: Small bug when aborting a rename in the tree control by killing the focus
  • Transfer Queue: Experimental: Multipart transfers (downloads)
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Thumbnail view broken on Winddows XP
  • Remote Browser: When moving a file on the same server the destination file is deleted first if the user chooses to overwrite it
v3.0 Build 1013.7 - 18. April
  • Fixed: Task dialog (Delete File, Delete Folder, etc) default button now focused correctly
v3.0 Build 1013.5 - 17. April
  • Improved SFTP transfer performance
v3.0 Build 1013.3 - 17. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Initial folder is not automatically expanded.
  • Fixed: Language files with non matching build number are no longer loaded.
v3.0 Build 1013.2 - 16. April
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Crash when sending a test mail.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Active Help links
v3.0 Build 1013.1 - 16. April
  • Remote Browser: Storage/view is no longer updated if the parent folder of the item is not enumerated yet.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Rename of folders in some situations
  • Transfer Queue: Reworked Property dialogs (single item, multiple items)
  • Remote Browser: Tree control allows any characters for folder names now
  • Remote Browser: Removed None option from login dialog
  • Transfer Bar: Added safe mode which hides the move icons
  • Remote Browser: Names are handled case sensitive/insensitive depending on the server (for Windows based servers they are case insensitive for the rest case sensitive)
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Auto complete in address edit control
v3.0 Build 1013.0 - 12. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Bug when folders were created/renamed in tree control
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows 2000: Freeze when change folder (folder navigation) resulted in a redirect
  • Remote Browser: Changed the way the command line for Open / Edit is built
v3.0 Build 1012.17 - 10. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows 2000/XP: View mode was not restored correctly
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: CHMOD forgot to change the permissions of the folders
v3.0 Build 1012.16 - 9. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows 2000: Rename in shellview wasn't working
  • Fixed: Temporary Queue: Drag&Drop of items to Windows Explorer
v3.0 Build 1012.15 - 9. April
  • Transfer Queue: Files that are currently open for write by another application (e.g. Microsoft Excel) can now be uploaded.
v3.0 Build 1012.14 - 8. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Paths entered in navigation combo are no longer trimmed
  • Remote Browser: ~ in navigation combo is now working
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: The transfer type (ascii/binary/auto) was ignored for uploads
v3.0 Build 1012.13 - 8. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Delete of empty folders was broken
v3.0 Build 1012.11 - 8. April
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows 2000 / Windows XP: SmartFTP stayed in memory when application is closed
v3.0 Build 1012.9 - 6. April
  • Remote Browser / Local Browser: Ctrl+H sets focus to navigation control
v3.0 Build 1012.8 - 6. April
  • Transfer Queue: Added Group By Group Id
  • FTP: Added HOST command support (Serv-U 7.0)
  • FTP: Added RMDA command support (Serv-U 7.0)
  • FTP: Added THMB command support (Serv-U 7.0)
  • Remote Browser: Fixed redirect problem
v3.0 Build 1012.6 - 3. April
  • Remote Browser: Fixed problems with Open/Edit and applications with no file parameter in the command line
  • In some situations incorrectly entered host names are automatically fixed now
  • Replaced trojan looking icon (btw: it was a lama) of the installer/setup with SmartFTP icon
v3.0 Build 1012.5 - 2. April
  • Remote Browser: Fixed possible dead lock when closing the Remote Browser
v3.0 Build 1012.4 - 1. April
  • Transfer Queue: Increased timeout when waiting for the server to return a hash value of a file (XMD5, etc).
  • Transfer Queue: Final update notification for Remote Browser is now sent after the file time has been set.
v3.0 Build 1012.3 - 1. April
  • Remote Browser: If the cache is disabled the directory listing is now automatically reloaded. It's strongly recommended to keep the the cache enabled.
v3.0 Build 1012.1 - 31. March
  • Message prompt dialogs (do you want to ...) are now centered relatively to their child
  • Windows 2000: Fixed 2 imagelist problems
v3.0 Build 1012.0 - 30. March
  • Remote Browser: Added Copy URL (without login).
v3.0 Build 1011.19 - 30. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Double click on resolved file link is handled correctly now.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Total size was missing in status bar.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Windows 2000: Dead locks.
v3.0 Build 1011.18 - 29. March
  • Transfer Queue: If the server doesn't allow the upload to be resumed the transfer will start from 0 the next time.
v3.0 Build 1011.17 - 29. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Symbolic links are not resolved (SFTP Protocol).
  • Added favorite setting automatic resolve symbolic links (SFTP Protocol). It is not recommended to disable this setting.
v3.0 Build 1011.15 - 28. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Redirection for symbolic links (FTP Protocol).
v3.0 Build 1011.14 - 28. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Cache was only occasionally saved.
v3.0 Build 1011.13 - 28. March
  • Fixed: Local Browser: Out of memory problem after the Navigation toolbar has been customized.
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Open/Edit.
  • Transfer Queue: Ignores file not found and permission denied errors in the post transfer file exist check.
v3.0 Build 1011.12 - 27. March
  • Fixed: Application keys (notebook buttons etc) were not working when SmartFTP was focused.
  • Remote Browser: Added file exist option in the favorite settings Transfer -> File Exist dialog to control whether the file exist dialog is displayed or not
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Two GUI problems
v3.0 Build 1011.11 - 27. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Recursive set permissions (CHMOD).
v3.0 Build 1011.10 - 26. March
  • Transfer Queue: Connection pool is now longer cleaned up if the Transfer Queue is empty. It means connections are reused even after all items have been processed.
  • Remote Browser: Edit and Open operations are added to the top of the Transfer Queue now
v3.0 Build 1011.9 - 26. March
  • Remote Browser: Download To MRU list now available in other menus
  • Transfer Queue: Better fail-over for FTP servers with restricted SIZE command
v3.0 Build 1011.8 - 26. March
  • Remote Browser: Keep alive is back
  • Remote Browser: Yet another fix for Edit/Open
v3.0 Build 1011.6 - 26. March
  • Remote Browser: Windows XP: Size is now displayed in KB (same as in Windows Explorer and Local Browser)
  • Remote Browser: Another fix for Open With / Edit With
v3.0 Build 1011.5 - 26. March
  • Remote Browser: Workaround for MVS path handling.
  • Remote Browser: Added support for Unix style paths on z/OS.
  • Fixed: File Exist strings in Favorite->Transfer->File Exist settings dialog.
  • Favorites: Added import for WinSCP sites (menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites then menu: Tools->Import).
  • Remote Browser: Disabled drag&drop to queue animation in terminal sessions
  • Remote Browser: Added New File menu item to New sub menu
  • Transfer Queue: Open/Edit opened folder in Explorer on Windows XP / Windows 2008 if the user is logged in as Administrator
v3.0 Build 1011.4 - 25. March
  • Remote Browser: SFTP: Delete was using relative instead of absolute path.
  • Remote Browser: If the option [x] do this for all other conflicts has been enabled in a folder exist dialog no more file exist dialogs were displayed.
v3.0 Build 1011.3 - 24. March
  • Remote Browser: Due to the strong demand delete and set permission (CHMOD) operations are handled in the Remote Browser instead of the Transfer Queue.
v3.0 Build 1011.2 - 24. March
  • Remote Browser: File exist dialog for folders was not displayed for servers which don't support MLST.
v3.0 Build 1011.1 - 24. March
  • Remote Browser: Support for double slash rooted path (e.g. on novell netware).
  • Added workaround to parse wrong MLST reply (PureFTPd)
  • Localization: Further resource cleanups
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Timezone settings in favorite were ignored. Timezone settings are only used if the server returns the time in local time
v3.0 Build 1011.0 - 24. March
  • Remote Browser: Fixed possible dead lock.
  • Localization: Added error messages if translations use incorrectly formatted dialog resources.
  • Localization: Removed redundant resources
v3.0 Build 1010.24 - 23. March
  • Transfer Queue: Is now automatically started when upgrading from a previous version of SmartFTP.
v3.0 Build 1010.23 - 23. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Enter key did not work.
v3.0 Build 1010.22 - 22. March
  • Transfer Queue: Workaround for servers returning wrong size in MLST reply.
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Remote Browser: Size is now correctly updated after the transfer.
v3.0 Build 1010.21 - 22. March
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Items were added in reverse order in some situations.
v3.0 Build 1010.20 - 22. March
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Data connection fail-over didn't work for directory listings.
v3.0 Build 1010.19 - 20. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: If double click is set to Edit the wrong editor was used.
  • Transfer Queue: Workaround for buggy MLST implementation of some servers.
v3.0 Build 1010.17 - 19. March
  • Fixed: Local Browser: Delete not working correctly on Windows XP.
v3.0 Build 1010.16 - 18. March
  • Remote Browser: Added Download To... MRU (Most Recently Used) download folders.
  • Remote Browser: Added right mouse button drag&drop
  • Transfer Queue: Disabled process monitor for Remote Edit. You need to manually remove the item from the Transfer Queue once you have finished editing the file.
  • Workaround for Outlook Express and Windows Mail's wrong IDataObject->QueryGetData implementation
  • Remote Browser: Fixed Show Raw Listing of root item
v3.0 Build 1010.15 - 16. March
  • Fixed: Folders in Browse for favorites folder dialog were not selectable.
  • Remote Browser: Edit function now uses Editors, Shell Default Association, File Viewer according to the by default option in the General->Remote Edit settings dialog.
v3.0 Build 1010.14 - 16. March
  • Fixed: Remote Edit settings were not restored.
  • Remote Browser: Default Viewer is now in the Edit With/Open With menus.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Remote Editors have not been correctly added to the Edit With/Open With menus.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Files are now correctly updated if the filename conversation is enabled for transfers.
v3.0 Build 1010.13 - 14. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Move was broken.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: View was not always updated after a file has been uploaded.
v3.0 Build 1010.12 - 13. March
  • Fixed: Backup Tool: The Reset function did not delete the Favorites folder.
  • Fixed: Backup Tool: Favorites are correctly restored now.
  • Backup Tool: Restore function now allows to override the Application Data Folder and Personal Favorites folder.
  • Fixed: Server to Server (FXP) transfer crash
v3.0 Build 1010.12 - 12. March
  • Fixed: Backup Tool: Favorites folder was not correctly recognized.
v3.0 Build 1010.11 - 11. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Symlink resolve.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Relatively high idle CPU usage. Back to 0% now.
  • Fixed: Enter in history combo box did not work.
  • Added animation when items are added to the Transfer Queue.
  • New modern message boxes for prompts (Do you want to delete x, Do you want to close y, etc).
  • Remote Browser: Added Copy URL to root item's context menu
  • Remote Browser: Added View
  • Remote Browser: Edit context menu now includes editors from the Remote Edit settings page as well
v3.0 Build 1010.7 - 8. March
  • Remote Browser: Filter Bar state is now saved.
  • Remote Browser: File information is accurately updated in view after transfer in Transfer Queue completes.
  • Remote Browser: Properties dialog retrieves accurate item information in background task.
  • Fixed: Windows XP: When closing the Remote Browser in the connection retry loop the application frooze for 30 seconds.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Local to Local transfers.
  • Fixed: Shell Extension: Remote Browsers did not appear in the context menu.
v3.0 Build 1010.6 - 6. March
  • Fixed: Status bar not correctly updating total size when uploading files.
  • Transfer Queue: Speed improvements for delete/move/insert operations on items. This improvement can be noticed the best when dealing with a huge number of items (10k+).
  • Remote Browser: Preparing to Copy/Move dialog optimized. This improvement can be noticed the best when dealing with large number of items (10k+).
  • Numerous other unspecified fixes.
v3.0 Build 1010.4 - 5. March
  • Added Filter Bar to Remote Browser
  • Fixed Ctrl+A
  • Added Automatic button to Discover files/folders dialog
  • Added F8 key shortcut to edit a file
v3.0 Build 1010.0 - 29. February 2008
  • Feature complete beta version