SmartFTP Client SDK

SmartFTP Client SDK
Product Page:
The SmartFTP Client Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to create your own applications using the components in SmartFTP and gives you the ability to extend SmartFTP with plugins. The objects are accessible through COM interfaces which allows you to use any modern language.
Possible Applications
  • Favorites
    • Import Favorites/Sites from other applications/database to SmartFTP.
    • Export Favorites to database.
  • Transfer Queue
    • Fill Transfer Queue with items from a database, text file or RSS source.
    • Create application which uses Transfer Queue to automate transfers
    • Create Windows Service which uses the Transfer Queue to backup/synchronize files.
  • Transfer Queue Plug-ins
    • Send email notifications for each processed item. (Built-in in version 3.0)
    • Simple Logging to Text File/Database. (Available in Version 6.0)
  • Remote Browser Plug-ins
Note to Developers
If you are planning to write a plug-in which requires additional features exposed from SmartFTP please contact us and we will find a solution. We are also offering a free life time license for SmartFTP for plugin developers.