SmartFTP Client 2.5 Change Log

Version: 2.5 Build 1008
Development Status:EOL
  • v2.5 Build 1008.44 - 18. March
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Show Raw Listing did not work if the default viewer is set to notepad.exe
  • Fixed: Folders in "Browse for favorites folder" dialog were not selectable.
    v2.5 Build 1008.43 - 16. March
  • Fixed: Remote Edit settings no longer get lost
    v2.5 Build 1008.42 - 13. March
  • Fixed: Server to Server (FXP) transfer crash
    v2.5 Build 1008.41 - 13. March
  • Fixed: Backup Tool did not recognize the Person Favorites folder correctly.
  • Back ported Transfer Queue from v3
    v2.5 Build 1008.40 - 13. February
  • Fixed: Possible runtime exceptions on start.
    v2.5 Build 1008.37 - 1. February
  • Transfer Queue now immediately aborts local hash calculations.
    v2.5 Build 1008.36 - 25. January - BETA
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue didn't write log files.
  • Transfer Queue: Errors during the integrity check were ignored. Now the item will no longer get removed if there is an error during this sequence.
    v2.5 Build 1008.35 - 24. January 2008 - BETA
  • Fixed: Possible unhandled exception on exit.
  • Transfer Queue: The transfer queue is automatically started by default.
    v2.5 Build 1008.32 - 16. January 2008 - BETA
  • Transfer Queue: A transfer queue with less than 100 items is now automatically saved if the computer is restarted/shutdown or the user logs off. Previously this was not the case because Windows only allows 5 seconds for each application to cleanup and save its data.
  • Transfer Queue: Auto Save (10 minutes interval) is now enabled by default for new installations. To manually configure it go to Settings->Queue.
  • Remote Browser: Added sort by "Permissions"
  • Remote Browser: Edit operation now handled by the Transfer Queue if the default drag&drop operation is set to "Transfer Queue". This allows multiple concurrent Edit operations.
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored connection/transfer/protocol classes.
  • Local Browser: Fixed bug with new folder in tree control.
    v2.5 Build 1008.28 - 3. January 2008
  • Browsers: Added Ctrl+I and Ctrl+J key shortcuts. These shortcuts work when tabbed mode is enabled (default) and exactly two work spaces exist which are separated by a "middle" toolbar. Ctrl+I copies (uploads if the destination windows is a Remote Browser) the selected items to the other window. Ctrl+J moves the selected items.
    v2.5 Build 1008.26 - 12. December 2007
  • It's possible to download hidden files when using the RETR command from the command line (menu: View->Panes->Command Line)
    v2.5 Build 1008.25 - 11. December 2007
  • Enabled support for proftpd's updated SITE UTIME command.
    v2.5 Build 1008.24 - 10. December 2007
  • Transfer Queue Items use raw log now. This should reduce the memory usage.
    v2.5 Build 1008.23 - 8. December 2007
  • Added support for SITE UTIME (PureFTPd's version)
  • Automatic detection for working "set file time" command.
    v2.5 Build 1008.22 - 7. December 2007
  • Changed linker settings. Set different base address for each dll, enabled DEP, enabled ASLR.
  • Fixed: COM registration with 64-bit setup.
    v2.5 Build 1008.21 - 5. December 2007
  • Fixed: Delete of favorite didn't work in the Favorites main menu.
  • Fixed: Date/Time of files with local time did not display correctly in the file properties dialog
  • Fixed: Custom Commands "Encountered an improper argument" error
  • Fixed: Paste in Favorite's root folder
  • Fixed: Windows Vista: Drag&Drop from Explorer to Local Browser was broken
    v2.5 Build 1008.20 - 29. November 2007
  • Fixed: Serious bugs due to changed (undocumented) behavior in Visual Studio 2008's ATL code.
  • Resolved symbolic links now show link overlay
    v2.5 Build 1008.19 - 28. November 2007
  • New setting for "Automatic Resolve Links" in the favorite settings: FTP->Transfer dialog.
    v2.5 Build 1008.18 - 27. November 2007
  • Fixed: Drop Folder was broken.
  • The upload/download buttons in the middle toolbar are no longer active if a file is renamed.
    v2.5 Build 1008.17 - 27. November 2007
  • Fixed: Secure connection wasn't aborted if the user clicked on No in the Verify Cert dialog.
  • New Remote Edit Info dialog with quick access to the settings
    v2.5 Build 1008.16 - 20. November
  • Fixed: Enter key in Favorites Browser
  • Windows Vista: Workaround for double click of image files in Local Browser
    v2.5 Build 1008.14 - 20. November
  • Build now compiled with Visual Studio 2008 RTM
    v2.5 Build 1008.13 - 17. November
  • Internal changes regarding free threaded marshalers
  • Somehow the manifest of the sfTransferQueue.dll file was incomplete. VS 2005 bug?
    v2.5 Build 1008.12 - 15. November
  • Removed MFC dependency from sfTransferQueue.dll
    v2.5 Build 1008.11 - 15. November
  • Fixed: Back/Forward key/mouse shortcuts were broken in Favorites browser
  • Fixed: Delete/Cut was not shown in the Favorites Browser context menu
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: New File was broken
  • Favorites Browser, Custom Commands and Preview Pane are now destroyed when being closed
    v2.5 Build 1008.10 - 14. November
  • Updated CodeJock XTP ToolkitPro (GUI Library). SmartFTP uses about 30% less GDI handles now.
  • Fixed: FXP transfers didn't work correctly
    v2.5 Build 1008.9 - 11. November
  • Fixed: Windows 2000: Duplicate View menu in Favorites Window.
  • Optimized enumeration in Favorites Window.
    v2.5 Build 1008.8 - 10. November
  • Fixed: Local Browser: Preview pane was locking the selected file.
  • Fixed: Favorite Browser issues
    v2.5 Build 1008.7 - 10. November
  • Fixed: Connect/Reconnect/Disconnect issues.
  • Various changes in the ShellView controls (Favorites Browser, Local Browser).
  • Changed "Recent" condition in File Exist rules. Added additional rule to the default queue file exist rules. These changes should help to make better resume/overwrite decisions.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: File time was displayed as UTC in File Properties dialog.
    v2.5 Build 1008.6 - 8. November
  • Fixed: Possible crash on start-up when restoring Local Browsers.
  • Fixed: Local Browser did not show an error message if the user had no permission to read a folder.
    v2.5 Build 1008.5 - 6. November
  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to edit files with unallowed characters. e.g ><.
  • New setup loader. Setup files are not copied into the "%ProgramFiles%\SmartFTP Client Setup" folder.
    v2.5 Build 1008.4 - 3. November
  • Fixed: Login information from Address Bar were not used.
  • Fixed: Client Cert option was disabled in Default Favorite
  • Favorites Shell Extension (sfFavoritesShellExtension.dll) loads language files now
    v2.5 Build 1008.3 - 29. October
  • Fixed: Right-click on Favorites root folder.
  • Local Browser: Cached preview image
  • Added "Keep Alive" option in Favorites Settings: FTP->Transfer. When enabled it sends keep alive (NOOP) commands during data transfers. (Only recommended to work around problematic firewalls).
    v2.5 Build 1008.2 - 27. October 2007 - BETA
  • Separated Favorites Shell Extension (sfFavoritesShellExtension.dll) from Favorites (sfFavorites.dll).
    v2.5 Build 1008.1 - 27. October 2007 - BETA
  • Added support for translations to Shell Tools (sfShellTools.dll) and to the Backup Tool (BackupTool.exe).
  • Separated Transfer Queue from main application
  • A lot of internal re-factoring
  • Reconnect is now possible in the "Waiting for retry" loop
    v2.5 Build 1007.3 Refresh - 23. October 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed some unspecified bugs in sfFTPLib.dll.
    v2.5 Build 1007.3 - 17. October 2007 - BETA
  • Remote Edit: Implemented fallback if there is no file association for the file.
    v2.5 Build 1007.2 - 17. October 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed sfShellTools.dll didn't make it into the previous setup.
    v2.5 Build 1007.1 - 14. October 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed: Windows Vista: TimeZones in Favorites.
  • Moved "Anonymous Password" from Global Settings to Default Favorite settings.
  • Fixed crash with FTP Library introduced in 1007.0.
    v2.5 Build 1007.0 - 10. October 2007 - BETA
  • Text in Properties dialogs (Remote Browser and Transfer Queue) is now selectable.
  • Updated FTP Library (sfFTPLib.dll)
  • Fixed bug with Context menu Shell Extension
    v2.5 Build 1006.48 - 1. October 2007
  • Fixed crash with preview of png files on certain systems.
    v2.5 Build 1006.47 - 1. October 2007
  • Fixed bug with default editor in new Remote Edit settings.
    v2.5 Build 1006.46 - 30. September 2007
  • Added [ ] Always overwrite local file check box in Settings -> General -> Remote Edit.
  • Fixed some bugs introduced in .45.
    v2.5 Build 1006.45 - 29. September 2007
  • Added [ ] Do not show again checkbox to Welcome page.
  • New Settings -> General -> Remote Edit page where you can configure the editors for Remote Edit.
    v2.5 Build 1006.44 - 27. September 2007
  • Added Welcome page with quick links to open a new remote browser/local browser and to watch the tutorials.
    v2.5 Build 1006.43 - 25. September 2007
  • Remote Browser: Added space calculation. Right-click on the folder then Properties in the context menu. Click on the Calculate button.
    v2.5 Build 1006.40 - 22. September 2007
  • Fixed 2 crashes thanks to winqual. Please submit the crash reports to Microsoft if asked to do so. It helps us greatly to fix crashes.
  • Favorites: XHTML compliant HTML export.
    v2.5 Build 1006.39 - 20. September 2007
  • Local Browser: Added "Preview Pane"
  • Favorites: Added "HTML File (Structured)" export option.
  • Added more options to "Restore Workspace" setting (Nothing, Everything, Local Browser, Remote Browser)
  • Updated CodeJock XTP component
  • Fixed: Favorites: Shared favorite folders were not added to the Favorites window.
    v2.5 Build 1006.38 - 4. September 2007
  • Fixed: Delete of favorite in the Favorite windows didn't work.
    v2.5 Build 1006.37 - 31. August 2007
  • Fixed: Initial folder in Favorites window was wrong.
    v2.5 Build 1006.35 - 28. August 2007
  • Windows 2000: Fixed bug with Upload button.
    v2.5 Build 1006.33 - 27. August 2007
  • Added transfer performance counter (uploads, downloads, fxp, etc). Register SmartFTPPerf.dll (regsvr32.exe SmartFTPPerf.dll) to enable this feature.
  • Better drag image support on Vista
    v2.5 Build 1006.30 - 23. August 2007
  • Fixed: The wrong remote directory content was returned if no data has been transferred in the last directory listing.
    v2.5 Build 1006.28 - 23. August 2007
  • Added Drop Folder feature. To create a drop folder right-click on a folder in the Remote Browser and select "New -> Drop Folder" from the context menu. After the drop folder is created you can drop files/folders (hence the name Drop Folder) into it and they will automatically be added to the Transfer Queue.
    v2.5 Build 1006.27 - 22. August 2007
  • Local Browser / Favorites Window: Added Group by to View menu.
  • Added context menu in Windows Explorer / Local Browser to add files to the Transfer Queue
    v2.5 Build 1006.26 - 20. August 2007
  • Transfer Queue: Added "Monitor Local Folder" function in the Schedule dialog (Experimental: Works only reliable if the server supports file hash functions as XCRC, XSHA, etc).
  • Remote Browser: For TLS/SSL Explicit connection a grey/blue lock icon is now displayed in the status bar
  • Transfer Queue: SmartFTP now always sends a XCRC/XSHA command with the start/len arguments
  • Transfer Queue: Added [x] Persistent option in the Schedule dialog. When enabled the item is automatically paused after the it has been processed.
    v2.5 Build 1006.24 - 18. August 2007
  • Added more menu key shortcuts.
  • Fixed: Crash if folder/directory cache created in the 32-bit version is used in the 64-bit version or vice versa.
    v2.5 Build 1006.23 - 17. August 2007
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Set destination function did always overwrite the operation of the transfer queue item.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Download/FXP of symbolic links caused infinite loop
  • Remote Browser: Symbolic links are automatically resolved now
    v2.5 Build 1006.21 - 14. August 2007
  • Windows XP: Local Browser: Added asynchronous enumeration in tree control.
    v2.5 Build 1006.19 - 11. August 2007
  • Windows Vista: Enabled ability to use toolbar for "New Folder" and "Rename" functionality in the tree of the Local Browser
  • Changed registration dialog
    v2.5 Build 1006.18 - 8. August 2007
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Crash with Local Browser introduced in v2.5 Build 1006.17
    v2.5 Build 1006.17 - 8. August 2007
  • Fixed: Windows XP: Regardless of the Windows Explorer setting hidden folders were always displayed in the Local Browser's tree control
  • Fixed: Windows Vista: Drag&Drop info showed the wrong remote folder
  • Fixed: License dialog displays UTF8 strings correctly now
    v2.5 Build 1006.15 - 3. August 2007
  • Fixed: Windows Vista: Edit Favorites: Rename of favorite
  • Fixed: Windows Vista: Edit Favorites: Refresh problem
  • Fixed: Favorites: Last selected folder was not restored correctly
    v2.5 Build 1006.14 - 31. July 2007
  • Regression: Sort order in Local Browser was wrong on refresh
  • Fixed: Fixed integrity check for FXP transfers in the Transfer Queue.
    v2.5 Build 1006.13 - 27. July 2007
  • Local/Remote browser main menu now customizable
  • Regression: New window update/locks mechanism caused some unwanted side effects.
    v2.5 Build 1006.12 - 26. July 2007
  • Fixed: Local Browser now forces a reorder if the content changes.
    v2.5 Build 1006.10 - 19. July 2007
  • Fixed: External links in HTML dialogs.
    v2.5 Build 1006.8 - 9. July 2007
  • Fixed: Cache settings
    v2.5 Build 1006.6 - 30. June 2007
  • Fixed: Center bar buttons
  • History and Login bar now updates correctly if a favorite has been changed
  • Fixed: Memory leak in Local Browser and Favorites Browser
    v2.5 Build 1006.5 - 24. June 2007
  • Vista: Right-mouse click behavior in Remote Browser is now the same as in Windows Explorer
  • System tray action is now triggered on a mouse up instead of mouse down event
    v2.5 Build 1006.4 - 8. June 2007
  • Added "Limit Local Port Range" option to favorite settings
    v2.5 Build 1006.1 - 31. May 2007
  • Better initial positions for Favorites and Custom Commands windows
  • Favorites: Fixed big icons on Windows Vista
    v2.5 Build 1006.0 - 30. May 2007
  • Added: Global Transfer Speed Scheduler.
    v2.5 Build 1005.40 - 30. May 2007
  • When downloading a file the local file is opened/created at the last moment possible.
    v2.5 Build 1005.37 - 25. May 2007
  • More keyboard friendly context menus (Added support for App key and Shift+F10).
  • Fixed problem with high CPU usage for big selections (20k items) in Local Browser
    v2.5 Build 1005.36 - 21. May 2007
  • Fixed: Inaccurate transfer speed in windows title when SmartFTP was minimized.
    v2.5 Build 1005.35 - 19. May 2007
  • Fixed: WS_FTP import
  • Fixed: Small problem with One Way Synchronization with Delete
    v2.5 Build 1005.33 - 14. May 2007
  • Added: Vista: New Drop Images/Text
  • Added: Vista: All File Open/Save dialogs have Vista style now
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in FTP Library
    v2.5 Build 1005.32 - 7. May 2007
  • Fixed: 64-bit Version: Drag&Drop to Explorer/Desktop
  • Fixed: Identd in Transfer Queue
  • Fixed: Sort in "Connections" pane
    v2.5 Build 1005.30 - 4. May 2007
  • Added: Transfer Queue: One Way Synchronization with Delete
  • Added: List and Tree controls with Vista theme
  • Added: Ability to remove license key
  • Fixed: Drag&Drop from Transfer Queue to Local Browser
    v2.5 Build 1005.27 - 30. April 2007
  • Fixed: Minimize/Cascade/Maximize if Tab mode was disabled and the Office 2007 theme was enabled
  • Added: Windows bar for non Tab mode is back. Extended "Auto Arrange" mode
    v2.5 Build 1005.26 - 19. April 2007
  • Fixed: Settings: Anonymous password option didn't save
  • Added "Office 2007 Ribbon" theme. This theme is only slightly different from the "Office 2007" theme.
  • Fixed: Custom Commands: %ld variable
    v2.5 Build 1005.25 - 17. April 2007
  • Fixed: Favorites: Drag&Drop from and to Windows Explorer
  • Fixed: Progress control in Connections had wrong colors on Windows 2000 and Windows XP with Classic theme
  • Fixed: Settings: History: Crash in "Clear All" function.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Max Worker Speed was in bytes instead of kilobytes.
    v2.5 Build 1005.24 - 17. April 2007
  • Windows Vista: sfFavorites.dll is now registered as a shell extension
  • Updated UI library. Minor changes in Office 2007 theme.
    v2.5 Build 1005.21 - 14. April 2007
  • Transfer Queue: Added grouping view
    v2.5 Build 1005.19 - 12. April 2007
  • Transfer Queue: Toolbar is now customizable. Use the arrow button at the end of the toolbar.
  • Vista: Local Browser: Added more "View" options
  • Fixed: Connections pane didn't update anymore
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: On Queue Complete setting didn't save
  • Fixed: Possible buffer overflow in the FTP directory cache manager
    v2.5 Build 1005.18 - 10. April 2007
  • Transfer Queue: Local files which are monitored for changes will automatically overwrite the destination file regardless of the File Exist settings.
  • 64-bit Version: UPnP's NATEventManager interface is no longer obtained to avoid the start-up delay if UPnP is enabled
  • Vista: Favorites: The default favorite is no longer displayed in the "Favorites" window.
    v2.5 Build 1005.17 - 9. April 2007
  • Fixed: Bug in Codejock which caused an access violation (crash on Windows Vista) if an accessibility client was active.
    v2.5 Build 1005.15 - 8. April 2007
  • Fixed: Favorites: Import of URL List did not set a name for the favorite
  • Fixed: Favorites: Import of CuteFTP sites (sm.dat) which have been previously updated (e.g. CuteFTP Pro 3.x to CuteFTP Pro 8.x) did not work.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: If Max Retry was set to 0 the Transfer Queue did never process the item. Now the item will be processed at least once.
  • Fixed: SmartFTP ignored the window show value (show, hide, minimize, maximize) passed to the application. Bug Report
  • Office 2007 Theme: Title bar and child frames now have Office 2007 style
  • Fixed: Buffer overflow if host name > 1024 bytes.
  • Transfer Queue: Lowered CPU usage if the global max workers were not reached due to a limitation in the favorite settings.
    v2.5 Build 1005.14 - 4. April 2007
  • Workaround for Windows XP without any Service Packs installed.
    v2.5 Build 1005.13 - 3. April 2007
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Monitor of Local File.
    v2.5 Build 1005.12 - 3. April 2007
  • Fixed: Favorite Connection -> Proxy password didn't save.
    v2.5 Build 1005.11 - 3. April 2007
  • Fixed: Integrity check for FXP transfers.
  • Setup: Changed default installation folder to %ProgramFilesSmartFTP Client. Updates will install into the old %ProgramFilesSmartFTP Client 2.0 folder.
  • Setup: Added patch number to product version
  • Setup: SmartFTP Client (64-bit) creates different shortcuts (start menu, desktop) than 32-bit version on Windows 64-bit now.
    v2.5 Build 1005.10 - 2. April 2007
  • Fixed: Identd: Settings dialog was missing.
  • Fixed: Identd: "Enable only when connecting" option did only work for first connection
  • Vista: Some tweaks with Restart Manager
  • FTP Library: HP Unix listings with German month name März were not parsed.
    v2.5 Build 1005.8 - 31. March 2007
  • Setup: 32-bit setup can now be installed on Windows 64-bit Editions.
  • Fixed: Fixed broken Office 2007 theme in .7.
    v2.5 Build 1005.7 - 30. March 2007
  • Vista: Fixed SmartHook.dll registration in setup.
  • Vista: Added support for Restart Manager.
  • Updated GUI component
  • Fixed: File Open/Save dialogs in Backup Tool
    v2.5 Build 1005.6 - 28. March 2007
  • Transfer Queue: Removed "Max Workers per Site" global setting. The setting was always read from the Favorite.
  • Transfer Queue: Fixed "Max Workers" setting which wasn't in sync with the GUI.
    v2.5 Build 1005.5 - 27. March 2007
  • Fixed: Crash if SmartFTP was closed while the Transfer Queue was running.
  • Fixed: Enter Registration dialog. "Import from File" did not write license key file correctly.
  • Updated splash
    v2.5 Build 1005.4 - 26. March 2007
  • Fixed: Integrity check after transfer didn't work.
    v2.5 Build 1005.3 - 25. March 2007
  • New "Vista Certified Logo" compliant MSI setups
    v2.5 Build 1005.3 - 22. March 2007
  • All files are now signed with a Authenticode certificate issued by VeriSign
  • Removed proprietary crash handler (CrashRpt.dll). Using Microsoft's WER now.
  • SmartFTP received "Vista Works" logo
    v2.5 Build 1005.0 - 21. March 2007 - BETA
  • Favorites: Added export of XML files to Zip archive.
  • Favorites: Settings: Transfer->Filters. Filter can now be individually applied for files or folders.
    v2.5 Build 1004.26 - 14. March 2007 - BETA
  • Favorites: Added import of "History.dat" from version 2.0.995 and below.
  • Favorites: Numerous fixes.
    v2.5 Build 1004.20 - 12. March 2007 - BETA
  • Favorites: Added Favorites Duplicate Checker. The dialog is displayed when a multiple favorites with the same ids are found.
    v2.5 Build 1004.18 - 10. March 2007 - BETA
  • Folder synchronization links are now saved/restored.
    v2.5 Build 1004.17 - 9. March 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed: Some problems related to the new Favorites
    v2.5 Build 1004.12 - 7. March 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed: A couple of problems discovered with AppViewer.
    v2.5 Build 1004.8 - 6. March 2007 - BETA
  • Rewrote shell notification class.
  • Fixed: Favorite didn't save if Port numer was > 32768
    v2.5 Build 1004.x - Not released yet - BETA
  • Setup: MSI 32-bit setup no longer throws an error on Windows x64.
  • Setup: SmartHook.dll registry entries are now created during the setup.
  • Setup: MSI: The installed files now have the correct "Last Modified Date".
    v2.5 Build 1004.7 - 27. February 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Statistic updates for Favorites
  • Settings: Added UPnP global setting to Connection dialog
    v2.5 Build 1004.6 - 25. February 2007 - BETA
  • Favorites: Added support for in-memory favorites if the favorites folder is read-only
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: File Monitor.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Remote Edit
    v2.5 Build 1004.5 - 24. February 2007 - BETA
  • Fixed: Single Instance in terminal sessions
  • Fixed: Statistics Popup in 64-bit version.
  • Fixed: Various other bugs
    v2.5 Build 1004 - 21. February 2007 - BETA
  • Favorites: New Favorites system. Based on the file system and XML files.
  • Favorites: New "Default Favorite Item" which replaces the Transfer/Connection Global Settings
  • Favorites: Multiple Favorites Locations/Folder. e.g. Use a shared favorites folder.
  • Favorites: Added import for CuteFTP Home/Pro up to the latest available version (8.0).
  • Favorites: Added import for IglooFTP Pro.
  • Global Settings: All favorite item related settings are moved into the "Default Favorite".
  • Transfer Queue: Removed "Max Retry" from the Transfer Queue global settings. It uses the "Max Retry" option from the favorite item now.
  • Transfer: File/Folders are now sorted using a "natural order string" comparision.
  • Fixed: Bug with "Unknown" date/time in File Exist Dialog
  • Fixed: Source/Destination file mix up in File Exist Dialog
  • Fixed: Favorite Statistics
  • Fixed: Remote Edit / Monitor File under Windows Vista
  • Fixed: Heap overflow in Log control. See
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Timer options (Auto Start, Auto Stop) were showed as disabled in the dialog even though they were enabled.
  • Remote Browser: On Windows XP list control now uses "natural order string" comparison.
  • SmartFTP no longer runs on Windows 98/ME.