Problem Uploading...

I need help

2005-10-14 12:32:15

I use SFTP to update a page I have on a friend's site. Anyways, when I go to upload the .htm file everything goes as should and it says transfer complete or whatever. Well, I went to check out the actual page itself and it isn't updated like it should be. A friend said it has to propagate but he said it shouldn't take any longer then a few hours and it's already been a few days. Can anyone help me with this?

I need help

2005-10-15 23:46:03

Can nobody help me with this?


2005-10-16 07:48:45

Hi try cleaning your browser cache, also check that the new files are on the correct directory and you don't have for example index.htm (old file) and index.html (new file).

P.S. this is not SmartFTP client related help.