SFTP fails after Windows10 Feature Update v1809

hello, yesterday, on my Win10 Pro machine, i installed the new Windows feature update (via Windows Update). SFTP was running before i updated Windows last night.

today i started SFTP and it will not run. the error modal stated that the OS was not compatible and prompted to install latest version of SFTP (9.0.2625.0 64-bit). i installed it. it ran and appeared to install some C++ assemblies, then prompted system restart.

after system restart i tried to run SFTP and it reports my maintenance license has expired. this is accurate, but i don't understand why the Windows update killed my copy of SFTP?

is this a known issue?
is there anything i can do to get my SFTP copy running, short of renewing the license?

btw my current Win specs: Win10 Pro v1809 | OS Build 17763.253 | 64bit

Yes, the Windows 10 1809 update broke SmartFTP (among many other things) because apparently now with each Windows Feature Update, Microsoft is changing one or another API.

The solution is to uninstall SmartFTP, restart the system and then install the latest version from the website: https://www.smartftp.com/download

You need an activate maintenance/subscription to use the latest version.