Support Google Drive Resumable Upload, Multipart uploads

I often upload more than 100GB of files to Google Drive.
But I do not know what the cause is recognized, Upload is often lost in an instant.
Of course not because of SmartFTP.
I just want to resume it.
The link below seems to support API, is not it? ... ble-upload
Or is it not yet supported?
Multipart uploads did not seem to work either. (Google Drive)
Do you have any plans for support?
Thank you.

Resumable uploads are already supported. Multi part uploads (sending multiple parts at the same time) are not supported by the Google Drive protocol. What is described in Google Drive documentation as "Multipart uploads" is different from what is commonly known as multi part transfers/uploads.

Thank you for your answer. 
Resumble uploads are already supported?
Why can not I Resumable upload?
Is this the default support?
Please tell me what to check for options.

You are right. There is a problem with resumable uploads with Windows 10. The new build 2300 comes with a workaround: