Files are not moved after transfer

I can create a scheduled task, I can also set up the favorite connection so it moves the files.
After successful transfer it makes COPY of the files but doesn't delete them from the original location.
The files are stuck in the Transfer Queue with the sleep icon and after ten seconds it copies the files to the back up folder but they are still kept in the original folder.
I have tried to run as admin, the files are not read only, etc.
the screen is here:

menu: File - Help - Request Support

Hmm, that is not helpful at all..
I am evaluating the product for my company and id does 99% of what we need, except the small little thing, but I am not gonna buy it unless it's working 100%.
But in order to get the help to get it working I need to buy it.
Please, help me figure it out.

It works!! It does exactly what we need, thank you, we will buy it soon!
Excellent support!