Stuck transfers, unable to abort or exit

I currently have a download stuck at an average and current speed of 0 bytes/sec, elapsed around 7 1/2 hours. When attempting to abort this connection, nothing at all happens. If I exit SmartFTP, the window disappears but the process stays alive, so I need to kill the process in order to restart and try again.
This is a recurring issue here in China, as international connectivity is poor (periodic packet loss of up to 70%) and the workings of the Chinese great firewall are rather unpredictable. 
I'm using segmented downloads, 10 connections, TLS.
1) Is it possible to get a mechanism where a transfer is aborted and restarted if speed stays below N bytes/sec for M seconds?
2) Can you have a look at the mechanism used to close an connection, and force close it if a clean shutdown/linger doesn't work within a reasonable timeframe (few seconds)?

Please open a support ticket: menu: File - Help - Request Support