Version 7.0.2200.0 Breaks SSH Authentication

I just upgraded to version 7.0.2200.0 from a previous version.  I am now getting the following error when trying to connect via SFTP (with publickey): "Too many authentication failures for *username*"
I also run an earlier version of SmartFTP, version 7.0.2190.0, on a different client machine and I connect via SFTP to the exact same host (with the exact same publickey parameters) and I am connecting just fine.  This eliminates the end host as the connection problem.  The only difference is the version of SmartFTP software that I use on two different client machines.  Their connection configurations (prior-to and after the upgrades) remain unchanged and are exactly the same on both client machines.
Something changed between these versions of the SmartFTP software causing this bug.  Can someone provide insight or a fix?  Or can someone tell me how I can downgrade from version 7.0.2200.0 to version 7.0.2190.0?

My issue is now resolved thanks to the replacement ".dll" files sent by support.