FTPS Connection Does Nothing

I have created an FTPS connection to my IIS-based FTPS server, imported the cert, etc. but when I try to connect, SmartFTP looks like it's trying to connect in the server tab and the [Initial Folder] drop down, but that's it.  The connection log is empty except for:
[<TIMESTAMP>] SmartFTP 6.0.2157.0
I have placed Wireshark on the box and there is no traffic attempting to reach the FTPS server, nothing.  If I try to connect using the old Windows Command Line Client, I can connect but get kicked after logging in since that client doesn't support FTPS.  That is expected behavior and I can see the traffic on Wireshark.
This is happening on two different clients, both Windows Server 2008 R2.  I have successfully connected using the same version of SmartFTP from my Windows 7 laptop.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Updating didn't fix the problem, but it at least allowed SmartFTP to start logging and showed me what the problem was.
Issue is resolved, thanks.