Shortcut for opening a text file from local browser in internal editor

In SmartFTP versions 4 and 5 the F8 shortcut for internal editor worked both for remote and local files. After recent upgrade to the latest 6.x version (required for Windows 10) I find that it is no longer working for local files. Neither there is a toolbar button for this. The only way to do it is through the context menu, but it is a slow method (mouse point, right click, go to SmartFTP submenu, click Edit) and the context menu must be enabled globally for Windows, while I normally need it only within the SFTP interface.
Does anyone know of a workaround, or is there any chance to bring the shortcut back with a new update?
I am really used to working with the internal editor and the lack of this shortcut is a huge inconvenience.

Edit: Nevermind this last post. Remote edit started working again after restarting SmartFTP client. You can delete it, or I will if you want to, so that it doesn't pollute forum search results.
The question about keyboard shortcuts for local editor still remains though. Thanks.
In addition to the issue in the original post, this latest version on Windows 10 does not seem to upload files after remote edit.
I've tried both with settings set to the internal editor and another program (shell assoc). Right-Clicking on Edit in the remote window (or F7) downloads the file and launches the editor. After making changes and saving (with Ctrl-S or File>Save menu) I can see the file being saved, edited lines highlight changes to green, but no uploading starts in the queue. The remote file on the ftp server never changes too - only the local instance in C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Temp\54568aa0\{favoritename}\ gets changed.
The previous version (5.x) that I had on Win 8.1 worked just fine...

There are no plans to add a key shortcut for remote edit. We believe right-clicking the file (you don't have to focus the file first) and then selecting "Edit" is quick. Alternatively you can also change the default double click action to Edit in the settings.

That's what I hate in this constant upgrades rush that spans across the whole software world - regression bugs and deprecation of useful and convenient features. I would luckily revert back to SFTP 5.0 if only it would run under Windows 10. Since the keyboard shortcut is present and working in the remote browser, I find it a matter of consistency the same shortcut to be working in the local one too. The lost ability to customize the main menus and toolbars, and not being able to list the favorites as a tree submenu from the main one is another step back.
Thank you for your reply anyway.