Upon detecting file containing keyword, download or copy these other files/other folder into same folder

Hi there,
I am not exactly asking how; just rather any guidance at all as to how I could go about doing this would be very helpful.
I have scheduled downloads within SmartFTP so that it downloads certain PDFs automatically.  The files are named with a certain word in the file name.
In this example, i would like to use the word King here as the "certain word".
When this word King appears in the file name automatically downloaded or the folder automatically downloaded, I want SmartFTP to also download a separate folder of files that I designate.  These files are static, don't really change.  The "static" folder or files in that folder are Word templates that go with the King PDF for future use down the workflow line.  They can't be empty creations.  I could ZIP these Word templates as well instead if that would make this doable.
Basically, this PDF is a Jotform PDF file that gets auto-uploaded to somewhere SmartFTP monitors and SmartFTP downloads it.  I would like SmartFTP to also add a ZIP file, certain set of files, or a  certain folder to that Jotform PDF location.  Which ZIP file is copied would be dependent on the word King being there or any other word that i specify similarly, i.e. King is one ZIP, Rhode Island another ZIP, Seattle another, et cetera.
Right now, i am manually copying and pasting myself on my own computer between folders and I think there must be an automatic way i can do this with SmartFTP seeing all the other stuff i have managed to figure out in scheduling on this program.
I think i might be able to do it backwards somewhat; not sure.  Like, Jotform PDF goes in a particular folder depending on the King word, then make a schedule rule on SmartFTP that moves ALL those files in that folder when a PDF appears in it, and a second scheduling rule to download that folder again when the ZIP is missing (i.e. it's been moved).
Is this possible?  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thank you for any help you may have on this; I appreciate your patience with me as well.