Program conflict

I have spent 24 of my 30 days trial period trying to make SFTP work on my Win 8.1.
SFTP crashes or restart whatever action i try to do.
I finally found that SmartFTP 6.0.2151.0 (64-bit) conflicts with ZoomText 10.1 
Closing Zoomtext makes SFTP work but that does not help me when I then am unable to see the screen. :(
I have used SFTP together with ZoomText 10 on Win 7 for a long time and that works just fine.
I can see no point renewing my SFTP license before SFTP works with Zoomtext on Win 8.1.
Please advice what to do.

We have tested ZoomText 10.1 and the latest version of SmartFTP on Windows 8.1 and have not found any issues. On the other hand we noticed that ZoomText causes other application to crash.
Are you using the white theme in SmartFTP (Settings - Interface)?

I am using the default theme, have not made any changes in settings at all.

The answer did not help.
SmartFTP is the only program that won+t work on my computer with ZoomText 10.1.
Since my license has expired and the trial period is over, I´m out of options.
It´s a pity, I have been a paying customer for years and I am very reluctant to learn new interfaces.