Not Implemented

New user here... evaluating this to assist with some processes of transferring files.
I'm trying to create a Filter to only transfer files with FileName*.txt and when I test the filter I get a 'True' for matching. However, when I run the schedule, the transfer fails with just generic "Not Implemented".
Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks fro your help.

Does the actual transfer fail (transfer queue) or the scheduled task (scheduler pane)?
Does it work if you don't use a filter?
Do you upload or download a folder?
And please post the system information from the File - Help - About dialog.

Yes it fails in the transfer queue.
It does work if I do not use the filter.
I am Uploading to a remote server.
+- System -----------------------------
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Name            : Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Version         : 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
<div style="margin-left:40px;"> 
<div style="margin-left:40px;">CPU Speed       : ~2933 MHz
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Architecture    : x64
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Total Memory    : 2047 MB
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Free Memory     : 1564 MB
<div style="margin-left:40px;">UserName        : 
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Machine Id      : 39c378e4-ba5a-4811-aae3-b7bba5ace29c
<div style="margin-left:40px;"> 
<div style="margin-left:40px;">+- SmartFTP ---------------------------
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Version         : 6.0.2136.0
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Time Stamp      : 2015-03-11T09:40:16Z
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Platform        : x64
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Language        : 
<div style="margin-left:40px;">Days in use     : 28
And here is the log file...
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Operation begin
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Copying file. Source="\\NetShare\shared$\Folder Name\", Destination="::{82AA9188-44E0-40B9-B956-43A10C315B4F}\::{9E4B0EC3-B79B-47D8-B2EB-E42C6912378C}/users/REMOTE/"
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Getting properties (Size, Date modified) of "\\NetShare\shared$\Folder Name"
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Item: Date modified=2015-05-05T10:49:32
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Transfer restarting at position 0.
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Operation end
<div style="margin-left:40px;">[14:47:49] Not implemented

Thank you.
Please install the latest version
Please post the filter query.
What protocol does the destination server use? FTPS, SFTP, S3, etc?
What is the type of the transfer queue item in the scheduled task? File folder or File?
Did you manually change the path in the transfer queue item from a file to a folder?

The customer has setup a task to transfer a file and then manually changed the destination path in the transfer queue item to a folder. However changing the path alone does not change the underlying file type (file/folder) of the transfer queue item.
The correct way is to start with a transfer of a folder and then create a task (schedule) for this transfer queue item. This is described in the Schedule Tutorial at: ... index.html