View in browser setting doesn't work

I just try the latest version 6.0.2138 and when I try to right-clicked on a file and view it, it is being transfered to transfer queue.
In the settings, I already set it to use browser instead of transfer queue.

All transfers go through the transfer queue. Is there a special reason why you would prefer to do this through the browser?

Your settings clearly is for this purpose where I can immediately view the file and then continue my browsing so that it doesn't used up one of the connection.
If both browser and transfer queue is implemented the same, why would this setting exist in the first place?

Connections are globally shared in version 6. The setting has been removed and it was an oversight that it still existed in the dialog. 

Even if connections is globally shared in v6, i think there should be some mechanism to separate different type of connection. One that is right-clicked items and one that is already added into the queue so that I will not need to press the play button which start both of the transfer.
Will it possible that those right-clicked items proceed to download without pressing the play button? (and I think you will need to indicate in the transfer queue so that people will not confuse why the items are auto-started itself)