Edit css file open a new smartFTP instance

When i am connected to a remote host and I try to edit a file (right click > edit), it works fine and open a file editor in the local browser panel.
But when it is a CSS file, right click > edit do not appear. If I do right click > edit with > smartFTP, a new instance of smartFTP is launched. Any way to fix this?


We are unable to reproduce the problem. Try whether you can reproduce it on a fresh installation of Windows 8.1 without any 3rd party products installed.

I just installed SmartFtp on a clean windows 10 install and edit button open css files with notepad by default.

That is the correct behavior. If you want to change the application that opens .css files:
  1. Go to the menu: File - Settings.
  2. Then go to the General - Remote Edit dialog
  3. Add the .css file extension
  4. Check [x] Use Internal Editor in the dialog