Bugs (?) while uploading file

SmartFTP 6.0..2119.0
When I use the "Add to temporary queue" Windows Explorer context menu to select a file for upload from local computer (Windows 7) to a Unix machine, I see the "Status" column in the "Transfer Queue" View filling up within seconds, while the file upload takes several minutes. Probably a bug.
While uploading the same file using drag-n-drop to the relevant Unix folder, The "Status" column remains blank. Again ... the file is uploading. Also a bug?

Please provide a video showing the problem.

I don't have any screenshot/video recording tool installed at this time.
The bug (?) hit me again several times. Not very easy to reproduce, but it seems that the file to upload is transferred initially into a cache and then transferred to destination. I'll dig further and report ...
BTW ... the login into this forum sometimes doesn't work at all from FF 35.0. I'll have to use IE11.

SmartFTP 6.0..2119.0
Still no video, but I try to explain one of the two situations in detail.
It's all about uploading a file from a Windows 7 machine to a Unix box.
1. I start SmartFTP
2. I use Windows Explorer's context menu SmartFTP > Add to temporary queue to put the desired file into the Temporary Queue of SmartFTP
3. Inside SmartFTP, I drag-n-drop the just selected file from the Temporary Queue window into the desired directory of the Unix machine.
4. The file entry is then transferred from the Temporary Queue window into the Transfer Queue.
5. Now ... right after this drag-n-drop action, I see inside the Transfer Queue that the Status column shows that the file is transferred. It changes from (0 GB / 3.45 GB) 0% in (3,45 GB / 3,45 GB) 100% within 5 seconds, which doesn't of course reflect the real copy operation. The copy itself takes about 10 minutes, then the file entry is cleared from the Transfer Queue window. All transfer calculations like Average speed, Current speed, Elapsed, ... of also wrong.
I hope this explains it better.
Why this behavior?

I'm unable to reproduce the problem here. Could you send us the server information by email and tell us where exactly we should upload the file to. Does it also happen if the file is smaller than 2GB?

i did see that too. tranferring from unix to win7 - file size 5.6 GB