Bug: shared favorites folder on NAS

So I am using smartFTP with the shared-favorites folder feature on my NAS (synology).
Steps to recreate:
1. Have smartFTP with a shared-favorites folder on a network hdd or any other external source.
2. Disconnect your PC form the source (the network)
3. Start smartFTP
4. Go to tools>>edit
5. The shared folder (on the left) can be clicked but nothing happens
6. The folder cannot be deleted
7. If one should right-click on it and press properties the program will crash.
8. Even if the source is reconnected the folders stays off.
This is a realistic scenario, as I have my shared folders on my NAS and sometimes it takes the computer a while to connect to the NAS.
There should at least be an icon or some sort of information that the folder cannot be found...

confirmed. Will be fixed in the next build.
In the next version an icon is displayed even if the network folder is currently unavailable. There will be no special indicator/icon in this case.
Thank you for reporting these bugs.

The new version is available now:
It also improves performance with the favorites browser, most notably when using shared favorite folders.