Bug: Keepass on Startup

so I’m using smartFTP with the KeePass Plugin and the shared favorite folder feature.
Steps to recreate Problem:
1. Have a shared favorite folder with a favorite-entry which is using keepass for authentication.
2. Start up SmartFTP, without having started KeePass!
3. (I think there is a first error prompt which is just saying nothing... a bunch of numbers and that there is a fault)
4. Click on the favorite in the shared folder to connect.
5. There is another error dialog popping up, which says that the favorite could not be loaded
So if you start up SmartFTP AFTER having started up Keepass, it works.
Which is kind of logical, but it is written nowhere that you have to start keepass before smartFTP and less experienced users might not come to the conclusion I did.
One way is to precise the error prompt, or to automatically load keepass when a connection is made which uses keepass.

Not a bug