Local File System Window - Not working

Version 6.0.2110.0 - Registered - Pro.  Windows 8.1
First I have a question.  From early versions, your software has defaulted to no "local view".  It has always driven me batty.  A program that is supposed to be a "File Transfer" app doesn't bother to show your local file system at all?  Finding the option to "customize" the view to what should be the default view was always a bit of a nightmare as well.  Totally unintuitive.  So I was just wondering:  Why is that?   What is the thinking behind defaulting to a view that only shows remote files in an FTP program?
Secondly:  In this most recent version the menu item is a little easier to find.  Window > Automatic > Remote Left Local Right.  However it simply does not work on my machine.  I have selected all four options and none of them change the view at all.  All I see is remote folders on left pane, and remote files on right pane.  The first time I selected the above option, I did see a file system "flash" into view on the right side of my screen.  But then it immediately disappeared.  So now there is no local view showing up, anywhere.  So I guess this is two questions.  Why doesn't an FTP program default to showing local file system?  And how do I address this inability to manually force it to display?

This is crazy.  After wasting literally an hour of my workday trying to figure this out, I randomly noticed a "Local Folders" option in the menu system.
I thought to myself "Surely the creator of this program can't expect people to know that they have to use two different menu systems just to get Local to display.  Because that would be downright absurd."

Sure enough.  I click "File > Local Browser > then select anything on the list".   Voila.   Now the Local file system appears.  Wow.   Really?
Why should someone have to go into a completely different menu system to pick a starting view for local files? 
Why should someone have to do anything to get Local to show?
Why doesn't local show when you select Local/Remote on the Windows menu?
Why can't a user just decide where they want to go once it appears?
This is the complete opposite of inuitive.
Please advise.