How to Fix Missing Favorites in Ribbon

I am running v6. Since v5 I dock my favorites on the side of the window and use auto-hide. Sometime after upgrading to the latest version my Favorites window disappeared. Additionally I couldn't find any place where it was possible to get it back or manage it. Yes it was available from the File/Connections menu but that is not convenient or what I wanted.
Today I found an entry on this forum about synchronizing the favorites with Dropbox. I don't need to do that but it pointed me to the Settings/Favorites menu. I opened that and clicked OK, and magically Edit Favorites showed up in the Tools menu. I clicked that and now Properties and Manage also show up in the tools menu. Clicking the Manage icon allowed me to dock and auto-hide the Favorites window I've been looking for. Sooo, somehow a SmartFTP upgrade or a Windows patch corrupted something. Since I had the same exact problem on both my Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 system I'm going with the SmartFTP upgrade.
Hope this helps someone!

The Edit Favorites button/item is always available in the Tools menu/ribbon.