What Happened to my Favorites

I just upgraded SmartFTP from a much older version (v4.0).
I like the cleaner look but seem to be having trouble finding things. In particular, my favorites.
I found a button to show the Favorties window, but it's completely empty.
Reading the Knowledgebase, which talks about menus that no longer exist, all it tells me about adding a favorite is that one is automatically created whenever I do a quick connect. That may be, but the Favorites window is still empty.
Note: It appears that all my old favorites are still there under the File tab. However, the Favorites window is still empty. And the only controls I can find in the Favorites window are for manipulating the window. How do I organize my favorites here?

Did you restart your computer after the upgrade?
The favorites folder may got corrupted during the import of the old favorites. Try the following:
- Exit SmartFTP
- Rename the %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites folder to Favorites.old
- Start SmartFTP
- Now copy some of the old favorites (.xml) files from the Favorites.old folder to the new folder
- Once you have identified the .xml file that causes the problem, remove the Password inside the xml and send us a copy of the XML file.

Thanks, but I seem to be missing something.
Under File|Connection, I can see all my old favorites. So doesn't that tell us that the favorites XML file is working just fine?
My issue is just that nothing shows up in the Favorites pane.

Ah this seems to be a different problem. Can you please contact support: menu: File - Help - Request Support